What is Optimal EFT, What is its Purpose and Who is it For?

First: What is EFT?

EFT (aka "Tapping") stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and I originally brought it to the public in 1995.  It is an emotional version of acupuncture, except we don't use needles.  Instead, we "tune in" to the issue at hand while stimulating various meridian points on the body by tapping on them with our fingertips. 

Millions embraced it worldwide.  Astonishing results were often achieved for pain, diseases, emotional issues (including PTSD) and performance enhancement. My original EFT Manual (now obsolete) was voluntarily translated into 23 languages.  Over 2 million people downloaded it.

What is Optimal EFT?

In short, Optimal EFT is a robust therapy advancement that combines the highly successful structure of EFT with distance healing, quantum physics and an Unseen Therapist from the spiritual dimension.  The potential is staggering as our "partner" in this process is much wiser and far more efficient than an earthly therapist will ever be.  Vast resources.  Uncharted waters.  A Palace of Possibilities.  No tapping required.

What is the Purpose of Optimal EFT?

"To remove the blocks to the awareness of Love's presence." 

I speak here of the Oneness of spiritual Love that is far beyond the common forms of love we experience in the separated state.  In this state such things as disease, war and poverty are impossible.  This is why the Unseen Therapist is so central to our efforts.  She opens the door to potential healing that goes far beyond the man-made remedies of this earthly experience.

Our venture goes well beyond conventional science, although Quantum Physics is pointing to it.  It also goes beyond the reaches of conventional psychology, modern medicine, politics and just about every belief the world contains.  We are opening an elegant door here that leads to personal peace so profound that it provides a launching pad for spreading true harmony throughout the world.

As you will see, Optimal EFT offers a new way of thinking and, although it doesn't involve meridian tapping, it does retain much of the structure of my previous Gold Standard EFT (Aspects, Specific Events, Table Tops & Table Legs, Personal Peace Procedure, etc.).  Also, it may be too challenging for some to immediately discard tapping altogether and so, for those interested, I am retaining our previous Gold Standard EFT Tutorial and its related items.  You may find it useful in making a transition ... or ... paving the way toward "removing your blocks to the awareness of Love's presence" ... or ... you may choose to remain a Gold Standard EFT tapper and disregard Optimal EFT altogether.  As always, your choice.

Who is it For?

It is for everyone who chooses to walk through this door.  Some will want to adopt these ideas completely and will find their true path here while others will borrow what they need to blend with their existing beliefs.  Still others will reject everything as absolute woo-woo but will do so with my open hand to join us if and when it seems appropriate.

You are invited, regardless of your beliefs, to display your support or skepticism, your questions and comments, your experiences, triumphs and failures with this material.  That is how we learn.  That is how we build community.  Together we can achieve a new level of personal peace that has the power to shift the world.

e-hugs, Gary

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