About Those EFT Tapping Spin-Offs: A Candid Discussion

"They all look something like EFT but underneath
they are substantially different, even from each other.
Conflicts everywhere. What’s a newbie to do?"

My concerns

Tapping concerns image
EFT's proliferation is
not without its concerns.

EFT’s worldwide proliferation is bringing hope to humanity but, due to issues that I caused, the movement is not without its concerns.

When I introduced EFT in 1995, I had no idea it would eventually land in the hands of millions.  If I had, I would have made sure that everyone learned the method equally.  Clear teaching.  Consistent classes.  Standards for the whole movement.   This way all EFT'ers would speak the same language and innovations could build upon a common foundation.

But, alas, I dropped the ball and, as it stands, there are now hundreds of EFT spin-offs, each reflecting a different set of beliefs and preferences.  No standards whatsoever. They all look something like EFT but underneath they are substantially different, even from each other. Conflicts everywhere. What’s a newbie to do?

Further, the enthusiastic creators of these widely different approaches have unknowingly misrepresented the process.  That's what happens when standards are missing.  Again, as Founder of the EFT Movement, the blame lands in my lap.

Further still, the promoters are understandably proud of their creations and market them with a zeal.  Promotions and excitement abound. Glitter everywhere. Faster, better, deeper, newer, improved. And an endless assortment of promises.

If I was a beginner, or someone without in-depth EFT Tapping experience, I might be drawn in by the allure of all the expectations, e.g., "Come to my workshop. Buy my stuff. Heal in a hurry. Get certified here. We’re the best!"

But I would also be confused by all this commercial commotion and that is why I am writing this article.

You have a choice to make regarding how to learn EFT and it is my responsibility to put my error in perspective.  My bias, of course, is that you build your foundation with what is now the standard that my daughter, Tina, and I created for the EFT Community, namely,  The Free Gold Standard EFT Tapping Tutorial.  It is the result of 30,000 hours of development and an investment of $2 million.  Updated as needed with cutting-edge discoveries, it provides a high quality standard for the entire EFT Community, and is available free to anyone with a computer.



The $25,000 reward

EFT Tapping Reward image

I don’t claim to have all the answers about EFT and thus, for many years, I have actively investigated the most heavily promoted spin-offs in search of substantial gold nuggets beneath the glitter. To date, I have found only a few tweaks and some other ways to do what we are already doing. They are packaged differently and given different names but, when all the glitter settles, they do not truly advance EFT and, in some cases, take you in questionable directions.  In fact, none of them are really EFT.  The name is used but the truly in-depth substance is missing.

To enlist your assistance in this endeavor, I offer a $25,000 Reward for True EFT Innovations. Readers of this article are invited to study the spin-offs for any such nuggets and submit them. The $25,000 reward can apply to you, the spin-off promoters or anyone else.

EFT Tapping Spin-offs at-a-glance

For a behind-the-scenes look at the world of EFT spin-offs, journey with me for a moment through some of the highlights (names withheld as a courtesy).

(1) All spin-offs give you something worthwhile.  Indeed, just the idea of stimulating the acupuncture meridians holds great power.

EFT Tapping Parts image
Each spin-off only gives you parts
of the whole picture.

(2) From my investigation, I found that each spin-off only gives you parts of the whole picture and the parts it gives don't match with the parts that the other spin-offs provide.  This is not to be criticized, however, as this is a natural result when there are no standards. It is to be expected.

(3) Because of the wide diversity of spin-offs, it is nearly impossible to gain from them consistently high quality EFT Tapping skills.  To do so, you would have to study them all, discard the misleading parts (if you know what they are) and sew together the remainders. Even if you were able to achieve this, you would still be missing major portions of skillful EFT.  The easier and far more efficient alternative is to study our Free Gold Standard EFT Tapping Tutorial where everything is updated and clearly laid out for you.  It's all there in easy step-by-step order.  Nothing is missing or changed. Just first class education.  From there you can explore the spin-offs and do so with a solid foundation under you.

(4) Some spin-offs emphasize global approaches and/or pre-designed tapping scripts, both of which, in my experience, lead you away from in-depth EFT. (See The Pros and Perils of EFT Tapping Scripts).  Others offer older versions that have been modified by their promoters' preferences.  Rarely do you find in-depth treatment of such vital Gold Standard EFT topics as:
•Finding Aspects within the EFT Tapping Process
•Uncovering Specific Events - An Essential Concept Within the EFT Tapping Process
•Testing Your EFT Tapping Work - The Triad
•The EFT Tapping Success Strategy
•Detective Work Within the EFT Tapping Process
•Chasing the Pain - Deeper EFT Relief
•The EFT Tell the Story Technique - The Workhorse Tapping Method
•What Should I Say During the EFT Tapping Process?
•The EFT Tearless Trauma Technique      

But let's understand....Introducing the EFT Tapping Ladder of Excellence

There's a very understandable reason for the inconsistent methods that are so enthusiastically promoted by the spin-offs.  In fact, the reasoning is quite human.

Even the basics of EFT can produce astonishing results and so it is easy for partially-trained EFT'ers to conclude that no further training is necessary.  We call this The Grand EFT Illusion and it is surprising how many people become entranced by its spell.  It is like being fascinated by a bicycle while unaware that planes, trains and automobiles exist.  (See Are You Riding the EFT Bicycle?) Add to this the appeal of fame and fortune under the well established EFT or Tapping names, and you have what is likely the driving force behind many of these spin-offs.

EFT Tapping Ladder of Excellence image
The EFT Tapping Ladder of Excellence

If the EFT Tapping Ladder of Excellence has 10 rungs on it then, in my opinion, most of the spin-off promoters have stopped their training somewhere between rungs 2 and 6.  They then blend this incomplete understanding with other ideas that they believe are either new or further advance EFT.

They are proud, of course, of their creation(s) but are unaware that these perceived innovations fall short of the more skillful uses of EFT.  From my study of the five most heavily promoted spin-offs, it would be a fair evaluation that none of their promoters have advanced beyond rung 6.  Please know that rung 6 is far superior to conventional therapy and that is good ... even excellent.  However, it is not rung 10, and that is the point.  It would be my hope that the various spin-off promoters would take our Top Level EFT Certification so they would have a more advanced EFT perspective on their offerings.  To date, none have chosen to do so.

Spin-offs provide a valuable service but...

Despite their shortcomings, the spin-offs are marketing the b'jeebers out of EFT and bringing more people into our EFT Community. This, in the long run, is good news. Unfortunately, many of their students eventually come here to the EmoFree.com website (the source) for proper training and discover that they need to discard most of their previous understandings.  In essence, they need to start over.

Other students, however, may not find their way to EmoFree.com for proper training. Instead, they simply give up on EFT (or what they thought was EFT), falsely concluding that it is partial, temporary or doesn’t work. When this happens, the entire EFT Community takes a hit. When the reputation of EFT is diminished, so is your reputation (as a user) as well as the reputation of its spin-offs.

EFT Tapping Silent Sea image
The Silent Sea of disappointed people
who tried these spin-off procedures
and got partial or temporary
benefits ... or went nowhere.

As mentioned earlier, just the EFT Tapping Basics often produce astonishing results and these, of course, are prominently displayed for you in the spin-off  books and websites.  What you rarely see are the results of a burgeoning sea of disappointed people who tried these spin-off procedures and got partial or temporary benefits ... or went nowhere.  These folks tend not to write about their failures and thus fade into the background into what has become known as The EFT Silent Sea of disappointed people.  This further dilutes EFT's reputation.

How can you tell a spin-off from the real thing?

This is easy.  Just look for solid reference to The Free Gold Standard EFT Tapping Tutorial within whatever book or website you are reading.  If it is promoted as the centerpiece of that book or website, together with links and useful discussions, then you can be assured you are on the right path.  If this essential piece is missing, then you are visiting a spin-off that is promoting a look-alike under the EFT or Tapping name.

An obvious solution

It would be a simple matter for the spin-off promoters to incorporate  The Free Gold Standard EFT Tapping Tutorial as the centerpiece of their offerings.  They could build substantial businesses around it, earn affiliate commissions and work WITH the EFT movement rather than DIVIDE it.  Further, they could update their training, provide their own add-on products and, if those products qualify, earn the $25,000 Reward for True EFT Innovations as well as receive my support and marketing assistance. This way the confusion vanishes, the EFT Community comes into balance and we move forward as a unified team.  I'm always available to provide ideas and support to anyone committed to maintaining the highest EFT standards.

e-hugs, Gary