Judy Whitcraft suggests that our Webinars have effects far beyond what we might think

Hi Everyone,

Judy's short message poses an interesting thought.  I don't know how to prove or disprove it but I believe there is some solid truth to it.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

There have probably been lots of other people that have reported this same thought, ,.,,

As I have been watching the replays of the webinars (I have only been on one live, last week..very impressive) it has occurred to me that when I send love to the PAST  volunteers, not only are the receiving it at the later time (no time and space…I know)  but,,,, not only are the volunteers receiving the Love I send, but also EVERYONE included on that call that is sending love, is receiving MY sending Love. 

So… everytime a webinar recording is listened to, more results are received by EVERYONE on that particular call.  Networking at its finest I think. And can go on for years of new people playing the recording.   

It has made me think that I don’t want to miss any of the calls, as then my energy is in the loop of all the later listeners sending love.

Powerful Oneness, Thanks Gary,  Judy Whitcraft