Judy Whitcraft gives the details of her highly successful Optimal EFT practice group

Hi Everyone,

Gratitude to Judy for this meticulous display of the inner workings of this joint group.  She includes the Structure, Agreements and some of the results.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,
Here are the notes from what I talked about today on the webinar #21 about how four of us organized a successful Optimal EFT practice group that is still meeting weekly after four months. Although there is no one leader, we all take turns being leader, and we all take pride and professionalism in that. We have 3 members that are in attendance every week, and another that comes when her schedule allows it. Three of us are long time EFT practitioners, and the fourth is a retired RN.  

There are two areas we put in place that I think made our group a success.

1. Structure planned ahead of time and followed each week.
2. Agreements respecting the time and effort all of us are putting in. 

The Structure was in place through planning before the first session . This structure was discussed and agreed upon. We tweaked as needed.


  • Meet once a week same day and time. 
  • We meet for an hour and a half, and can go over a few min when necessary to close.
  • Facilitator is aware when it is her week to lead. Rotating schedule.
  • Each week, each of us had a turn being the practitioner and a turn at being the client.
  • Whoever was the practitioner, was the next turn to be a client. 
  • This was so the client never had to readjust quickly to become the one in charge and had time to come back to balance.
  • When there were 3 of us, each member gets 20 minutes.  When there were 4 of us, each member gets 15 min. 
  • Facilitator keeps a timer. When it goes off, we finish within a minute and move on to next person.
  • Another member would be in charge of timing the 2 minute sections. 

The last few weeks we experimented with doing 5 min, meditative Unseen Therapist segments which most of us liked.  I sent out a reminder the day before


Some of these agreements were never talked about and agreed upon, but they were done automatically, respectfully done by most of our members.
Some definitely WERE talked about and agreed upon as we learned as we went along.  (and we do know that human being things can happen that we can allow) on time.

  • Prepared for an issue to work with on the call
  • No chit chat about “how our day is going”, just get to work.
  • Focused only on the call, no multitasking.
  • In a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, no background noise.
  • Turn off phones, turn off email.
  • Understand we may not completely clear an issue in the time allotted.  
  • Complete confidentiality of what is shared in our sessions (and again, we do know that human being things can happen that we can forgive)

A few Manifestations /Results by our members 

  • Shoulder arthritis pain coming down from a constant 8 to a constant 1 or 2 and being able to sleep through.
  • Releasing the feeling of “Dad always criticized me”, and being able to interact with others in a new way.
  • Surrogate work on grown children’s careers resulting in both of them landing jobs they love. (Had to do release work on MOM, our group member too).
  • Finding the root cause of waking up with anxiety every morning, leading to action to easily change the situation, with anxiety immediately released.
  • *For me --- My EFT weekly Skype swap partner told me that I am doing something different in our sessions…she said that although I have always been great, the recent sessions have been even more powerful. She asked what I was doing different. I replied “Optimal EFT. It is the only thing I have been doing different.” And to be clear…I had not been doing Optimal EFT in our sessions. I believe it is that the work I have done on myself using Optimal EFT has given me a deeper connection to bring that Unseen Therapist Energy into the sessions I do with clients, which has always been my intention.  Another EFT friend that I did a session with a few weeks ago said the same thing.
  • It helps when we all realize manifesting our desires is a process. The Unseen Therapist sees things from a broader perspective and brings what we desire when it is the best time. We are in charge of getting our negative emotions out of the way so it CAN come in. We are not in charge of when/how/where. For me, Optimal EFT is about the spiritual aspect and trusting in that Power and deepening my consciousness.
  • I know our group feels there is power by joining together.

Hope this gives people ideas to make a group successful in THEIR own way.

Respectfully, Judy Whitcraft