Optimal EFT brings dramatic recovery to a stroke victim

This video provides remarkable evidence of the power of Optimal EFT, even where Gold Standard EFT Tapping has run into a limit.

Isabel Vagos persistently applied the tapping form of EFT for her mother, a stroke victim, over a several month period.  Her mother went from being unable to walk without two people helping her ... to ... walking 2,000 meters (a bit over one mile) while holding on to Isabel's arm

Then, after just one session with Optimal EFT, a dramatic new level of results occurred.  At one point during the process her mother said, "My legs are different.  I want to try them [by walking]."  She then walked, unaided,  for 5,000 meters (over 3 miles).

Please note that Isabel lives in Lisbon, Portugal and, while her English is good, the audio connection and her accent compromised the audio somewhat.  That's why I summarize the conversation from time to time.  Nonetheless, the message is priceless and well worth your time.

e-hugs, Gary

PS:  Isabel just sent me this video of her mother now walking almost normally.

PPS:  Here is a letter a few days later from Isabel.

Hi Gary!

my mother fell yesterday.  Usually after a fall she stayed home for two or three days without walking.  Today, after 5 minutes of Optimal-EFT, my mother again asked to go out and test her legs, she was a little nervous because of yesterday's fall but with a huge desire of going out for a walk.

I asked her if she wanted to give a short walk and she said no, she said she wanted to see the sea.

We walked the same as the other days (5,000 meters) and then some more, we moved further 500 meters towards the next beach.

Recovery shows no signs of turning back, she is better every day :-)


God Bless You

Isabel Vagos

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