Optimal EFT provides a sense of JOY as a bonus, even after the loss of a loved one

Hi Everyone,

Usha Narayanan, from India, lost her husband 10 weeks ago.  In the aftermath, she helped a friend's back pain with Optimal EFT and received a heightened sense of joy in return.  This reflects the Optimal EFT concept of Oneness and that, properly done, patient and therapist are seen to have similar issues and both can receive benefits.

e-hugs, Gary

Dear Gary,

Thank you for all the sharing :) I've been using EFT for about 10 years now, receiving you newsletters and getting results. Now this Optimal EFT is just right up my street!! I'd like to share what happened a couple of days ago.

To begin, a brief background: I lost my husband 10 weeks ago to the day. An apparently healthy man, just short of 60 yrs, had a massive cardiac arrest and collapsed in front of me. I am coping ... well, with all the healing tools I've learnt over 20 odd years. Being your follower, I kind of read about the Optimal EFT. Then the webinars caught my attention a week ago. I went through one ... then 2,3 4, all in one day! I believe all these recordings provide healing benefits "in the here and now" anytime anyone hears and uses them because the energies render them so.  [GC COMMENT:  This is also because, in the spiritual dimension, there is no time.  Thus a past recording has the same effect on the participant as a current experience.]

At first, the Healing

I was speaking over the phone with a friend when she mentioned the backache she had been nursing for 5 days, couldn't bend or turn. As was my wont I offered her an Optimal EFT healing.  The pain was at 7-8. It came down to 5 in the 1st time, then to a 3. After the 3rd healing, the pain disappeared, she was able to bend 45 degrees! She said she hadn't felt so good in a long time:) As I write this 2 days on, the healing is still holding.

Then, the Bonus

Without quite realizing it, shortly afterwards I went and got started on some handwork and, to my surprise, got into it immediately without hesitation. The old me would have agonized so much over it, that I was taken aback with how fluidly I had done it - I had actually done it so quickly!  

Not only that, but I had this feeling of quiet joy, it was wonderful. Not just peace or contentment, but a sense of joy! I didn't know how long it would last but,  2 days on, this joy still is still with me :) Not to say I didn't get irritated or fly off the handle a couple of times, but that just flashed by :))  As you can imagine, this means ever so much to me in my current situation.

Warm regards from Chennai, India