Taye generates impressive benefits as an audience member in Webinar #29: Physical benefits, insights, difficult specific event resolved.

Hi Everyone,

Gratitude to Taye Bela Corby for giving these details of her benefits from Webinar #29. Similar benefits are possible for readers if you wish to follow along with the recording.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

Here's my feedback as an audience participant in Webinar #29.  My 0-10 physical issues started at...

Mid-to-upper back constriction 5
Middle finger on left hand arthritis pain 3
Ankle sprain right foot 4
bloating lower abdomen 6

The Specific Event I used was as follows:  Age 3 ... The time I took my Dad away from my Mom by playing with him on the floor while she was ironing and she gave me a look that made me quiver and stop.

I felt dirty, wrong, bad, exposed and shut out from her love deeming me unlovable. She stripped me of my power. And because I was feeling very affectionate, maybe even aroused just playing with my Dad, I think it's possible she also stripped me of my sexuality. More on this to be explored.

I have worked on this Specific Event many times. This time however, I carefully phased the event to include "I took my Dad away from my mother," because in my current life I am noticing feelings arise with my younger son's new girlfriend, like she was taking my baby boy from me.

I plugged that idea into the familiar Specific Event and bingo! Unseen Therapist revealed many new aspects and insights. She (Unseen Therapist) suggested that I never really cut myself or my mother (or my father for that matter) off from my raw sexual energy or personal power. Doing so (freezing in the numbness of feeling like I was bad) was perhaps just a defense for dealing with something that was way beyond my ability to access at the time.

Going back to my original physical symptoms, they are down to a 1-0. In my creative visualization, my mother's eyes are no longer giving me an evil look. She has moved away from the ironing board and is juicing some fresh oranges for me and my Dad. The sadness I feel now is a deepening joy for my sexuality and my radiance. I feel lighter and as though I have a lot more space. 

Sincerely, Taye Bela Corby