Don Lynch's unusual Spiritual Experience - Ghosts in Thailand

Hi Everyone,

I've interviewed many people regarding their spiritual experiences and you will find a large collection of those interviews on this website.  But, in all those interviews, I have never encountered one quite like this.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

I was invited by a friend to travel with him while filming a documentary on important Muay Thai masters in Thailand.  (Muay Thai is the traditional form of fighting native to Thailand.)  As we were preparing for day of filming, my friend invited me to visit the Muay Thai master in Chiang Mai at his gym.  He is a former Ambassador to the World representing Thailand's traditional form of fighting.  Upon entering the gym I felt a dense energy in the gym, and felt myself listless, very low energy.  After the visit my friend asked my what was wrong with me and I said I did not know, but felt weird in the gym like something was enveloping the gym.  

The next day we met up with the master again and his wife, and traveled to his hometown outside of Chiang Mai and while traveling we asked him if he had ghosts in his gym, and his wife looked at him and they both flushed, and said "yes"..... 

After filming, the master asked me to work on his fighter who was headed to Bangkok for a big fight that weekend.  (That is what I do, work with fighters and athletes on mind - body stuff.)  So I worked on the fighter (anxiety, fear, ego) successfully, then worked on the master himself (incurable sciatica) successfully, who then invited me to then treat his wife who had a mysterious pain in her shoulder, which we removed.  As an empath I can connect and integrate with others freely while allowing an open connection with The Unseen Therapist.  Sounds weird to some people, but with martial artists and others who understand the mind-body connection and outside energies, it is just another day at the office....

Back to the matter at they invite me to dinner in the village plaza where I had awesome food, including the best french fries I have ever eaten in my life.  (Fried in coconut oil).  As we are walking back to the van, they ask me to see about the ghosts in the gym, and I told them I had never done ghosts before but would see what I could do.

The next day, my cohort in all things weird, Frank, is sitting with me at lunch, and he says "hey Don...are we going to go kick some ghost butt today?"  I told him that we were not going to go kick butt, but simply ask the ghost if there was something I could do for that moment, a voice came to my mind that said to me, "come and see us-welcome".... weird.....a calmness entered me......this was a real-weird-moment, but it certainly was real.   I remember it well and can still recall and feel it today, even at this moment.

(Thanks to Gary for encouraging me to recount the moment.)

We finished lunch, went to the gym, and while climbing the stairs to the gym, I felt the ghosts.  Big, and calm, they were right there in front of us standing at the foot of the stairs to the gym doors.  Something, someone or whatever, was there waiting for us.  I calmly projected a question to them of what I could do for them, and I felt a need to turn around to face the gym doors, and my eyes went to the gym logo, which was an elephant dressed up as a gaudy Muay Thai fighter with fancy trunks, head dress etc. and then they directed my attention to the bottom of the stairs where two beautiful carved elephant statues were bowing, welcoming visitors.  These statues were beautiful works of art.  I immediately intuited what they wanted.

Ok....I got the message but now what??  

I got the Muay Thai master to join us, we stood at the stairway and I demonstrated through muscle testing with him what information I had received.  Immediately he tore down the first poster at the doorway, entered the gym and tore down another, we scoured the  gym removing all his logos.  Upon taking down the last logo, a gentle breeze blew through the gym, and the denseness, heaviness was gone and light entered.  We all turned to each other, smiled, hugged and walked away.

Alright, skeptical me, the next day I went back to the gym, unannounced, walked up the stairs, felt welcome, walked in and double checked that all was well, sort of making sure they held up their end of the deal.  Satisfied, I left knowing that I had done my good deed for the day.....

Chao, Don