Sonia Novinsky and Gary Craig discuss a "Conversational EFT" case. Sonia estimates that at least 6 months of top level tapping would have been necessary for what Optimal EFT did in three sessions.

Hi Everyone,

Let me introduce you to Sonia Novinsky, a long time EFT'er from Brazil.  She discusses with me an in-depth case wherein "Conversational EFT," a form of Optimal EFT, is used to dramatically transform a client with serious emotional issues. Afterwards the client said...

"I feel completely different.  I am another woman."

Within this discussion you will also see topics such as the important Personal Peace Procedure and the use of The Unseen Therapist to assist in the empty feeling of not being hugged as a child.

As you can see, English is not Sonia's first language.  Nonetheless, you should find her an engaging, dedicated soul from which we can all learn.

e-hugs, Gary

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