Sharon DoWell's Lovability Experience: "It happened in a very brief time frame, just an instant, but it seems that so much was conveyed, almost instantly, such depth."

Hi Everyone,

Sharon DoWell attended our first four Official EFT Webinars and was kind enough to give me some feedback after the fourth one.  Her issue was the common one of not feeling lovable.  

With the tapping form of EFT, this very broadly based issue would likely require months of digging and the skillful application of tapping to numerous Specific Events.  In this Optimal EFT case, however, it was nearly instantaneous and, a week later, still seems to be holding nicely (as per my followup phone call).

Interestingly, it happened while Sharon participated in group healing work for Charlene, another Webinar attendee, and her "looking for love" as a 6 month old baby.  Our purpose in this group healing work was for everyone to focus Optimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist on someone else (Charlene in this case) with the recognition that we are all One and so that healing effort applies to the whole group.  Very powerful process ... and Sharon benefited big time.

Here is how she tells it...

Dear Gary,

....This (Spirit...the Presence/Love, and how we live our lives in relationship to it, other people, and our environment) is the most important thing to me in my life. I am not where I want to be in terms of my full alignment with this goal, but I am working and making progress, and I see Optimal EFT, your website, and these seminars as the Universe's answer to my longing for a Way for me to proceed.. I feel gratitude beyond my ability to express for you and what you offer.

Lastly, When you called on me, I told you about an "interesting experience" I had while we were working for a woman and her experience as a 6-month old...where I experienced myself as the baby, being loved by the Unseen Therapist/the Universe.

That FEELING is still very vivid. Being lovable is an issue for me. I know better intellectually, but not deep down. It happened in a very brief timeframe, just an instant, but it seems that so much was conveyed, almost instantly, such depth.

I can still remember feeling that I was the beloved, that nobody could but help feeling the depths of love just by coming into my presence. That was so very healing for me to feel that, deep down, as the absolute truth.

I can still access that feeling/knowing, and it is very strong. I also experienced that I was the love itself. I was the one who loved, I was the the love itself, and I was the the beloved, all at the same time.

The beliefs that I am inherently flawed, that there is something fundamentally wrong with me...they don't mesh now with what I experienced/feel... The strong, tangible feeling/knowing of my innate preciousness/lovability. What I got from this experience is priceless!

Thanks, Sharon

Note from Gary:  Many people have reported a sort of euphoria after our Webinars while others have experienced no noticeable results whatsoever.  Sharon's incident is a prime example of Optimal EFT's possibilities.  It is not, however, a guarantee of similar results for everyone.  All of us have work to do and results like these offer us motivation. 

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