"I wanted to mention the great impact Webinar #6 had on me."

Hi Everyone,

This letter from "Lesley" (true name withheld for privacy reasons) points out some of the unexpected values generated by our Webinars.  She says, "I really experienced love for my mom in a way I never thought I could."

e-hugs, Gary

Dear Gary,

I wanted to mention the great impact that Webinar #6 had on me. I cannot thank you and Shelley enough for the amazing work you did that day. Like Shelley, I had some horrible experiences as a child but our personalities are very different. I dealt with those issues early on in my young adult life and had always seen myself as a victor. As a natural health practitioner I have helped a lot of people deal with emotional blockages that lead to physical ailments. EFT and now, Optimal EFT, are part of my tools to assist them.

Shelley's session with you really brought up the unhealed love I felt toward myself and my mother and to a lesser degree my father and brother. I really thought it was healed...I was wrong. I had worked on myself but not on my family. I really experienced love for my mom in a way I never thought I could. When one of the people mentioned going back in time to correct the problems, it really resonated with me. I have been practicing that this week. It has been hard and therapeutic. My parents are both gone but I feel like this has given me a chance to clear my hurts and blockages but for them as well. I again thank and bless you both for that wonderful session!