Official EFT Webinar #23 - More group work for Vivienne and the audience

Hi Everyone,

Here we have in-depth discussions on A Course In Miracles and a continuation of our rewarding work with Vivienne,  Once again the audience participates and reports substantial benefits.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-hugs, Gary

Topics of Interest

0:00:00 Gary asks audience to take responsibility for their own use of these procedures.

0:00:40  Sheri Baker discusses with Gary (1) how does Optimal differ from other spiritual pursuits, (2) our need to “unlearn” what we think we know, (3) why not just aim the Unseen Therapist directly at the Guard at the Gate and (4) why last Webinar’s session with Vivienne had positive results when, to the newcomer, it didn’t seem like much was done.

0:25:04  Judith discusses with Gary her unexpected deeply loving experiences as a result of her audience participation with Vivienne from the previous Webinar.

0:36:15  Dorothea asks about the Guard at the Gate actually being a protector.  Gary and Sheri respond.

0:37:53 Session with Vivienne.  Recap regarding major improvements from last time.  New issues addressed (physical symptoms and betrayal/aloneness)  Entire audience participates.

1:34:07  Brian offers his illuminating moments during Vivienne’s session.  Also comments on his abundance issues brought up during the previous Webinar.  Gary responds.

1:37:50  Beverley offers her thoughts on Vivienne’s session. Gary responds.

1:39:12  Daniel expresses his gratitude for his shifts (as an audience member) during Vivienne’s session.  Gary responds.

1:43:29  Judith discusses her experiences with Vivienne’s session, including an intense feeling of love and connection with Vivienne.  Gary responds.

1:46:26  Lucia discusses her messages from The Unseen Therapist during her participation in the session with Vivienne.  Gary responds.

1:49:21  Mudra brings for the idea that Vivienne’s Tinnitus (hissing in ears) may be The Unseen Therapist speaking and the client is not listening (or doesn’t want to hear the message).  Interesting thought.  Gary responds.

1:52:30  Sheri makes final comments and Gary signs off.

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