Official EFT Webinar #22 - Group work for Vivienne and the audience

Hi Everyone,

Many Optimal EFT nuggets occur in this challenging case.  Both the audience and Vivienne benefit.  OK to bring your own issues to this Webinar and participate.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-Hugs, Gary

Topics of Interest

0:00:00 Intro by Gary emphasizing the importance of being prepared for the group healing that will transpire today.

0:02:51 Kolua and Gary discuss her substantial results from the group work in the previous webinar.  Astonishing blood test results.  Significant improvement in Tinnitus.

0:17:55 Vivienne and Gary do an extended session with her challenging case.  Improvements. Shifting issues. Changing symptoms.  All parts of a deep set issue that needs to be unraveled.  The audience participates in a manner designed to allow everyone exposure to this healing process.  Much to learn here.  Vivienne does not get complete resolution in this session.  This is to .be expected in a case of this magnitude.  More to be done and Gary will continue with more sessions after the Webinar.

1:26:28 Lucia asks if Gary uses the same "Golden Ball" in one-on-one sessions as he does in group work.  She also asks about the need to remain focused on the problem.  Gary responds.

1:30:34 Evan asks about the use of EFT regarding sexual attraction.  Gary responds.

1:32:27 Brian asks about using Optimal EFT for financial abundance issues.  Gary responds.

1:38:36 Henk asks why Gary chose the “Ship incident” for Vivienne rather than the “Island incidents.”  Good question.  Gary responds.

1:40:52 Kathy asks about using relaxation and other techniques to assist Vivienne in receiving the healing.  Gary responds.  She also discusses Unseen Therapist showing many of her (Kathy's) personal issues while she was participating in the group healing for Vivienne.  Gary responds.

1:46:08 Myrette asks about how Gary “brings in” Unseen Therapist.  Gary responds with his general method of inviting her in.

1:52:42 Gary signs off after inviting Vivienne and Sheri Baker for final comments.

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