Official EFT Webinar #21 - Group work and ACIM discussion

Hi Everyone,

Many people had impressive results for their own issues through their participation in the group session in the latter part of this Webinar.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-Hugs, Gary

Topics of Interest

0:00:00 Gary introduces two new additions to the Optimal EFT instructions: (1) Tips on meditating and “Getting Quiet” and (2) Session Ideas.

0:01:55  Gary discusses why the previous Webinar was cancelled.  He was passing a kidney stone but didn’t know it.  He and Sheri Baker discuss this and how many people were doing Optimal EFT for Gary.  Result: The intense pain suddenly vanished and the kidney stone apparently spontaneously broke up into tiny pieces.

0:11:14  Judy and Gary go into some depth on Judy’s very successful Optimal EFT Practice Group.  Many useful Optimal EFT tips here.  Judy’s detailed write-up of her group’s procedures can be found at

0:31:43  Bob and Gary discuss Bob’s (and many others) difficulty with some of the concepts within A Course In Miracles.  Sheri Baker joins in and Gary uses a PowerPoint presentation to give the overall perspective.  Irwin, Dorothea and Beverley comment.

1:09:16  Kolua works with Gary on her Neck, Knee and Tinnitus issues in a way that allows Gary to establish a GROUP OPTIMAL EFT EXPERIENCE designed for all to gain benefits.  Very useful and this part can be viewed repeatedly by those wanting to master this process and gain more benefits.  

1:50:18  Feedback from Brian, Lucia, Nancy, Shelley, Shirley and Kathilyn.

2:07:53 Final comments by Gary and Sheri.