Official EFT Webinar #20: COPD and Satanic Ritual Abuse

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This lively discussion centers on some seemingly impossible ailments.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

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Topics of Interest

0:00:00  Gary reads letter from Diane von der Weid emphasizing the in-depth study of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) and the value of practicing the Optimal EFT process.

0:04:04  Gary discusses with Sheri Baker the idea of the “Illusion” or the “Dream” that we find ourselves involved in.

0:15:29  Bianca discusses her remarkable recovery from the symptoms of COPD.  Gary and Sheri comment.

0:23:25  Rebecca discusses in detail a case with a 92 year old friend whose literal “pain in the butt” led to some fascinating features of Optimal EFT.

0:43:55  Gary discusses a recorded interview he had with Dave Staffen, a satanic ritual abuse survivor and his counselor, Sandra Fecht.  Dave had undergone some of the most indescribably tortuous experiences for many years, including being drugged consistently and subject to high level mind control.  Conventional healing methods, including the tapping form of EFT, make some progress with these extreme traumas but the ultimate release is rare using man-made methods.  In Dave’s case, however, a spiritual approach was used (similar to Optimal EFT) that gave Dave an impressive freedom from these traumas.  The direct link to this VERY GRAPHIC interview is   Sheri comments.

0:51:34  Elizabeth and Gary discuss the idea that our memories are part of the illusion.  Sheri comments.  Note: the audio for this segment was not clear.

0:55:46  Gary expands on Nancy’s question from the previous Webinar regarding how Gary delivers EFT to clients.  The Marcia series is suggested.  It is on our blog at   Nancy also comments on Ritual Abuse clients.

1:00:50  Sheri offers several advantages of the understanding that this world is a dream.

1:06:13  Sheryl asks about the idea of Karma.  Gary and Sheri respond.

1:11:59  Gary signs off.

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