Official EFT Webinar #19 - Optimal EFT Workshop synopsis - Dental and vision issues

Hi Everyone,

Recently, 13 people spent 5 days with me in my home to explore Optimal EFT in depth.  Among other things, this Webinar contains a discussion of the miracles that unfolded in our gathering.

e-hugs, Gary

Topics of Interest

0:00:00 Sheri Baker and Gary discuss A Course In Miracles (ACIM) and the first of 50 Principles of Miracles, namely, “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.”

0:15:49Kolua and Patricia discuss with Gary a surrogate use of Optimal EFT that eliminated a severe dental pain and avoided a recommended root canal.  Joy became an important “side effect.”  Sheri comments on the Joy.

0:32:29Gary Invites several people who attended his recent 5 day Optimal EFT workshop to discuss their experiences.

0:33:43Gabrielle and Gary discuss her remarkable recovery from a relatively rate vision issue.  Includes Unseen Therapist dealing with her mother/father issues and how they became metaphors for Gabrielle’s vision problems. Gabrielle also had the remarkable Optimal EFT conclusion of forgiveness and “nothing really happened here.”  We are using others as projection screens for our own stuff.  Sheri comments.

0:48:27Catie and Gary discuss her results with not feeling lovable and feeling empty.  Substantial results in one session that might have otherwise taken 10 sessions of the tapping form of EFT.

0:53:33Beverley and Gary discuss her substantial vision improvement re: wet macular degeneration.  Major results also occur in her social environment.

1:03:33Francoise asked our group to spend 2 minutes on her grandson’s fever and illness in France.  Result…problem cleared quickly.

1:06:16Claudia outlines two personal shifts and emphasizes that we are all mirrors to each other.

1:09:41Steveand Gary discuss his result with a bent finger.

1:13:48Leeza and Gary discuss her vision and other improvements.

1:21:22Maud and Gary discuss her loving state that she generated during the workshop.

1:23:44Melinda offers her ACIM services.

1:24:37Sheri comments on the Webinar content so far.  She says that, when doing Optimal EFT, you are getting a benefit whether you recognize it or not.

1:26:08Linda Carr asks about some intense rage and hate she was feeling and wonders what that is all about.  Gary and Sheri respond.

1:30:52Kathilyn asks about how I structured the workshop.  Did tapping?  How to move into Optimal EFT with clients from the tapping form.

1:36:03Irwin talks insightfully about projection, metaphors and the mind’s control over the body. Gary responds.

1:42:32Nancy adds her experiences with vision issues.  She also asks Gary about how he uses Optimal EFT with clients.  Gary responds.

1:47:10Annette comments on miracles.  Gary and Sheri respond.

1:51:22Gary signs off.