Official EFT Webinar #9 - For Empaths

Hi Everyone,

In this video, people with EMPATHIC ISSUES from all over the world gathered together to ask questions, enjoy group healing and share experiences.  Many insights here, although some of the material was edited out due to poor audio or video connections...  Please take responsibility for your use of these procedures. 

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-hugs, Gary

Topics of Interest

0:00:00 Opening comments

0:01:00  Question: “Is the empathic experience a burden or a benefit?”

0:1:17  Claudia:  It is a benefit.  She describes why and discusses it as helpful information and that the negative part “flows through her.”

0:11:06:22  Karine:  It is a gift.  Sees “energy particles.”  Also picks up the feelings of the client.  Can even feel suffocated by them.  She now realizes this is a form of biofeedback and, with this recognition, she can let the discomforts go.

0:24:14  Paula:  It is torture.  Lived with a lifetime of depression and suicide thoughts.  We discussed using Optimal EFT on some past empathic events very successfully.  This tool, persistently used throughout many such events, could be highly useful for many empaths.

0:38:25  Laurence:  Has discomfort when “becoming one” with the client.  Then feels their pains rather than just getting information.

0:41:40  Claudia:  Echoes what others are saying and suggests we all have this ability as children but many turn it off.

0:43:46  Martha:  Gives many thoughts and possible methods for this issue.

0:54:19  Danielle:  Offers a fun way to pick herself up when she is down.

0:55:35  Karine:  Continues with more comments.

0:59:26  Gary conducts an Optimal Exercise designed to help with the burden portion of the empathic issue.

1:07:46  Audience raises hands to discuss previous exercise.  Pandora begins:  Recognized that she is constantly seeking approval.  Wasn’t able to do the exercise well because she had many competing thoughts.  Gary suggests what to do about that.

1:10:47  Martha:  Her 2 empathic events improved.  She and Gary discuss the details.

1:13:30  Karine:  Her 2 empathic events improved.  She and Gary discuss the details.

1:14:00  Claudia:  Her 3 empathic events improved.  She and Gary discuss the details.

1:18:29  Paula:  Her 1 substantial empathic event improved.  She and Gary discuss the details.

1:21:47  Closing comments.

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