Official EFT Webinar #7

Hi Everyone,

In this video, people from all over the world gathered together to ask questions, enjoy group healing and share experiences.  Here we answer many questions AND continue on with the last Webinar's successful group work with Shelley on her rejection issues..  Please take responsibility for your use of these procedures. 

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

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Topics of Interest

0:00:00  Opening

Thank you for the feedback
Reinstating the healing time periods in the Webinar recordings.
Gratitude for our ability to communicate this way.
Using EFT for injury.  Gary’s injury and input by Sonia Novinsky.
Gary’s error regarding the problem that some empathic people have had with the Optimal EFT process.  Discussion and possible solutions.

0:23:33Open floor questions and comments about the Opening Discussion above.

0:38:36  Extended session with Shelley.  Follow ups from previous session and several group healings on more Specific Events. Alternate ways  of doing the process.

Discussion of guilt and parenthood issues.
Testing our work from the previous Webinar session.
Group healing on three Specific events.

1:31:54   Comments/questions by others.

1:32:22  Susan B. Cooper comments on now being able to receive love.  Also, parallel issues came up during Shelley’s session.  Discussion on switching aspects.

1:37:01  Linda Carr asks questions about the Guard at the Gate and separation.  Challenging issues for her.   Discussion ensues.  Only one problem (belief in separation) and all other “problems” emanate from that.  During Shelley’s session she felt an opening in her heart regarding her mother.  Going in and out of her “bliss capsule” and a discussion of the Optimal EFT process.  Discussion on re-conditioning.

1:48:00  Marisela asks, “If our only problem is the belief in separation, why not use Unseen Therapist to resolve that belief?”

1:50:21 Kathilyn  discusses how the session with Shelley brought up her own parallel issues.  From last week’s Webinar she got an overwhelming amount of love and compassion from her own family.

1:54:10  Ruby asks how to stop her empathic reaction towards cruelty to animals.

1:56:46  Vinod Joshi asks, “Can we send love to an abusive person and therefore change their abusive behavior?” AND “Can we resolve limiting beliefs by sending love (Unseen Therapist) to them?”

2:01:03  Christine wonders about the Guard at the Gate.  Is it/we “nasty”?

2:06:35  Susan  discusses going back to early traumas where our spiritual disconnection occurred and “wasn’t safe.”

2:10:31  Shelley  discusses her own empathy with cruelty to animals.

2:12:03  Closing group healing.

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