Official EFT Webinar #5

Hi Everyone,

In this video, people from all over the world gathered together to ask questions, enjoy group healing and share experiences.  Serious cough, blissful state, "I'm not lovable" and much more. Please take responsibility for your use of these procedures. 

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-hugs, Gary

Topics of Interest

0:00:00 Opening

  • Feedback important
  • Many solid results but take responsibility for your own well being
  • How to access Unseen Therapist.  Definitions of Love.  Gentleness
  • Being playful
  • Comments regarding empathic people.
  • Dealing with possible overwhelm during the process.

0:08:15  Discussion regarding Linda Carr’s results.  Serious cough diminishes, blissful state occurs, immersion in Oneness possibilities, comments on re-conditioning ourselves, benefits from watching and. participating in our recorded Webinars.

0:18:01  Discussion regarding Sharon DoWell’s results.  Remarkable relief on “I’m not lovable.”  Happened in an instant and is still with her.

0:26:24  Review your list of 5 Specific Events.  Radiating love exercise to expand our ability to bring in love.

0:32:46  Radiating Love exercise where we expand the love to include the entire group.

0:38:17  Renee’s experience.  Previous eye healing from weeks ago still holding.  Asthma showed up in the process and then subsided.  Her Specific Events improved a lot.

0:42:54  Phaedra’s experience.  Love had a limit at first but substantially expanded with the exercises.  Felt her face tingling.  A major Specific Event, that she didn’t even focus on, went from a 10 to a 2.

0:48:19  Olga’s experience.  Chest pain hindered her ability to generate love.  Group work on her chest pain (originally at a 9).  Drops to 4 and moves up to throat.  A feeling of “I don’t deserve this healing” showed up.  Group work on the throat and the deserving issue.  Solid improvement on the issues.

1:03:56 Shannon’s experience.  She discusses her empathic feelings regarding Olga and how she successfully dealt with them.  Forgiveness comes up with one of her Specific Events.

1:06:25  Isabel’s experience.  In expanding her love in the Radiating Love process she felt as though she left her body and saw planet earth as filled with love.  Discusses having a spiritual experience at age 29 for one full year.  She felt it again through this process and is still there.

1:11:01  Shelley’s experience.  Couldn’t find an example of love except for a very low time when she felt the presence of God.  On Specifics Events … she is less angry at her mother.  Major improvements regarding her and her son.

1:17:13  Beverly’s experience.  Went into the Universe in giving love.  Her Specifics Events all improved and some 10’s went to zero.  She will be able to test these at a family gathering later today.  Suggest she find ways to share love/gentleness with the interactions.

1:20:54  Jean’s experience.  Chest pains vanished while watching previous Webinars.

1:25:02  Vivek’s question.  How to use Optimal EFT for his 3 year old daughter where Specific Events are difficult to locate.

1:30:00  Anna’s experience.  Discusses special experiences during today’s exercise.  Important aspects showed up during the process.

1:34:32 Marilyn’s experience.  11 issues disappeared.  She “became” The Unseen Therapist.

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