Official EFT Webinar #4

Hi Everyone,

In this video, people from all over the world gathered together to ask questions, enjoy group healing and share experiences.  Please take responsibility for your use of these procedures. 

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

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Index of topics

0:00:00 Overview

These Webinars are part of a solid training.  It is assumed you have digested the material on our website.

Often we need to get to Specific Events and that is the focus of this Webinar.

What is EFT?  A wide diversity of understandings.  Others have distorted the material.  They are all different from what we are teaching here.  They even differ from each other.  Much confusion in the EFT Community.  Many people may have to start over to do this well.

Bringing in the structure of EFT.

0:05:59  Discussion on what is a Specific Event.  Group work on a rejection Specific Event, “I don’t want you sitting next to me.”

0:18:13  Feedback from the group on their experiences.  Some of their Specific Events improved…others did not.

0:20:22  Group work on a Specific Event, “I’m a terrible mother because my daughter turned out so bad.”

0:29:52  Group work on a Specific Event,  “Other children called me a dog and howled and barked at me.”

0:41:29  Group work on a Specific Event,  “My father tried to choke me.”

0:55:40  Sharing of how Specific Events collapsed for a member of the group doing Optimal EFT for others.  A question about beliefs.

1:00:27  Optimal EFT on a challenging case where very little happened.  Important discussion of Radiating Love as a way of bringing in The Unseen Therapist.

1:014:12  Asthmatic breathing clears up as a result of doing Optimal EFT for the Specific Events of others today.  Comments on EFT for success/abundance.

1:25:23  Update on Charlene’s hip pain.  So far, permanent result (after 2 weeks).  Childhood Specific Events neutralized while doing Optimal EFT for others.  Group work on Specific Event.  “I was a baby crawling on the floor looking for my source of love.”

1:37:28   Discussion on approaching “Failure as a mother.”

1:41:24  Discussion on “I was feeling worse doing this and then finally felt better.”

1:45:22  Recap of Specific Event successes and a discussion of, “My daughter doesn’t want me in her life any more.”  Ends with a summary of the Webinar. 

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