Official EFT Webinar #30 - Questions and Answers

Hi Everyone,

Participants explore many insightful ideas with Gary, including many commonly asked how-to's and what if's about EFT and Optimal EFT.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

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Topics of Interest

0:00:00  Gary introduces Sheri Baker and covers questions about (1) the definition of Optimal EFT and (2) differences between Gold Standard EFT and Optimal EFT.  He also reads a touching letter from Joan about a spiritual experience that involved “death.”

0:12:40  Sheri asks about using EFT and Optimal EFT for various issues.  Gary responds.

0:18:18  Dorothea comments on Gary’s sharing of his tears during the reading of Joan’s letter.

0:18:46  Claudia asks if we need to be a “spiritual person” in order to use Optimal EFT?  Gary responds.

0:22:42  Carol discusses an impressive experience with Optimal EFT and emphasizes that The Unseen Therapist brought up other issues to her.  Gary responds.

0:27:22  Barb has questions about using Optimal EFT for a very serious disease.  Gary responds in detail and lays down a useful path for all such issues.  Barb also asks about why she, as a therapist, would get results because of sessions with her clients.  Gary responds.

0:46:06  Yossi asks whether or not there is more than one Guard at the Gate.  Gary responds.  He also brings up the topic that some people get no results from any therapeutic process.  Gary and Sheri respond.

0:50:12   Samuel asks if we need permission to do surrogate work.  Gary responds.  Samuel also mentions that when he surrenders to wisdom of The Unseen Therapist, he sees scenes of the client’s issues differently.  Gary responds.

0:57:47  Dean asks about imagining himself “being the other person” during an Optimal EFT session.  He is concerned about taking on the other person’s ailments.  Gary responds.

1:03:15  Pam wonders why she has never gotten results from any form of EFT while many others have.  Gary responds.  She also asks about what to do about some of the atrocities in this world, even though they are illusions.  Gary and Sheri responds.

1:12:49  Gabriella asks about using affirmations in the Optimal EFT process.  Gary responds.  She also talks about her difficulty living a ”normal life” after having some extraordinary results with Optimal EFT.  Gary and Sheri respond. 

1:24:37  Elizabeth asks about a friend who, through Optimal EFT, was having spiritual experiences and others erroneously thought she was crazy (she ended up with heavy medication in an institution).  Gary responds.

1:27:44  Judith asks Gary to comment on “generating love” and “being the other person.”  Gary responds.

1:34:50  Rebecca comments enthusiastically on Gary’s upcoming book.

1:36:44  Vivian asks about the use of EFT and Optimal EFT in a school setting.  Gary responds.

1:45:57  Mike asks about the power of doing Optimal in Groups. Gary responds.  He also discusses receiving ongoing messages from The Unseen Therapist.  Gary responds.

1:52:31  Claudia emphasizes Mike’s comments on the power of groups and she also asks about Optimal EFT being distorted by the public in the future (like what happened to EFT).  Gary responds.

1:57:06  Kolua expresses gratitude to Gary for the Webinars.

1:58:00  Gary and Sheri sign off.

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