Official EFT Webinar #3

Hi Everyone,

In this video, people from all over the world gathered together to ask questions, enjoy group healing and share experiences.  For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-hugs, Gary

Index of topics

0:00:00 Overview
          Update on Isabel Vagos’s mother and the impressive recovery from a stroke.
          Emphasis on True Healing.

0:07:26Positive update on the group work we did with Howard’s heart previously.  More group work re: Howard with instructions for members of the group to notice if they receive any physical benefits via aiming healing at Howard.

0:14:21Invitation for others to share their experiences while using Optimal EFT for Howard. 

0:14:30Abdominal discomfort healed.

0:15:30Years long “tennis shoulder” pain … gone.

0:18:54Healings resulting from doing exercises with a past webinar recording.  Dramatic Rotator Cuff improvement.  Question about subconscious mind, Unseen Therapist, etc.

0:24:54Question on spiritual or emotional trauma.

0:30:12Question on Optimal EFT for food addictions and emotional overeating.

0:33:01Travel anxiety vanished for Shelley as she was doing Optimal EFT for Howard.  However, upon testing it showed up again and then a discussion as to whether or not this was a “fear of fear”.  [Update: she wrote me later saying her travel anxiety while actually in a car was minimal].  Then group Optimal on for her son, Daniel.  Unknown result to date.

0:41:20If the former tapping was adding to the healing process, are we not handicapping ourselves by not adding it into Optimal EFT?

0:42:10Is there a difference in the Optimal EFT success rate by doing it in a group vs. one-on-one or alone?

0:43:06Group Optimal EFT on a very challenging case.  No noticeable results yet.  Useful discussions on how to handle challenging issues that don’t seem to be resolving.

1:06:07Is a healer affected by the negative thoughts of the person they are trying to help?  ANDIs it necessary to charge people for this service?

1:08:48What role does ego (Guard at the Gate) play in blocking our ability to heal ourselves and connect with others?

1:15:45Combining the “Loving Heart” with tapping. What if one has had no success with Optimal EFT?

1:21:58What process do you (Gary) go through in receiving The Unseen Therapist?

1:28:40Thoughts on what to do if the therapist picks up pain and other issues from the client.

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