Official EFT Webinar #26 - A healing journey with Linda

Hi Everyone,

This Webinar contains an in-depth Optimal EFT session with Linda on her resentment issues. Many insights here.  Linda has made great progress with these Webinars and has often entered her "bliss capsule."  Good session to watch and participate in for your own improvements.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-hugs, Gary

Topics of Interest

0:00:00  Short intro by Gary

0:00:00  Sheri and Gary discuss their spinal issues and how they are pain free when X-Rays show reasons for problems.  In Gary’s case a disc regenerated.  The idea is put forward that, since we are all One, time spent in the efforts at healing others can benefit those offering the healing.  This is a central concept as today’s audience assists Linda with her healing and illustrates the spiritual concept that giving and receiving, properly understood, are the same.

0:17:58  Judith comments that, in Reiki, it is taught that the healing practitioner receives healing as well as the patient.  Same idea as we are exploring in today’s session with Linda.

0:18:26  Gary has a foundational discussion with Linda leading up to the full length session.  Topics include both Linda’s “bliss capsule” and her darker moments.  Emphasis is given to her diligent Optimal EFT practicing being a major contributor to her successes.

0:35:45  Gary and Linda conduct their full session on a resentment issue.  The audience is instructed in how to follow along and benefit.

1:38:52  Nancy discusses her improvements as a result of Linda’s session.

1:43:57  Judith comments that, during the session, many related issues came up wherein she was unfairly blamed.  Interestingly, this paralleled Linda’s experience.

1:45:07  Shelley comments on her big connection with Linda’s issues.

1:45:42  Rosa discusses her improvements.  Suppressed issues became a loving fountain.

1:48:52  Jan gives the details of her experience with Linda’s session.

1:52:04  Linda and Sheri give final comments.

1:54:05  Gary signs off and endorses Sheri’s comprehensive course, Tapping into the Truth, available at  A beautiful blend of EFT and A Course In Miracles.

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