Official EFT Webinar #25 - A healing journey for the audience 2

Hi Everyone,

This is our second healing journey and, even though it is recorded, you can participate in the full Optimal EFT session contained within this Webinar video.  The session visits (1) a scientist, (2) those with spiritual experiences and (3) The Unseen Therapist.  It involves an issue of resentment that, as you will see, can also bring about some substantial relief for physical symptoms.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-hugs, Gary

Topics of Interest

0:00:00  Gary introduces the Webinar and its topics.

0:02:38  Gary reads some feedback from Vivienne.  Major upset occurred during last Webinar that was handled nicely by Unseen Therapist.  Sheri Baker comments.

0:07:28  Gary introduces Claudia who discusses two remarkable Optimal EFT successes.  One involving no longer needing her thyroid medication after 20 years of taking and another involving the rapid recovery of a serious horse related injury suffered by a neighbor.

0:25:58  Gary introduces Judith and together they provide a useful healing journey designed to help the entire audience with practices aimed at resentments.  Physical issues are also identified and were reduced during the journey.  The journey visited with (1) a scientist, (2) those with spiritual experiences and (3) The Unseen Therapist and displayed much of the scientific and conceptual background.  Sheri comments within the discussion.  This is a good session for Optimal EFT practice, even using the recording.

1:51:26  Shelley suggests the idea of reading the short prayers and quotations from A Course In Miracles to enter into peace.

1:52:27  Rose discusses her joyful spiritual experience.  Gary

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