Official EFT Webinar #2

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In this video, people from all over the world gathered together to ask questions, enjoy group healing and share experiences.  For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

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Index of topics

0:00:00  Overview of Optimal EFT

Webinar plus Website = complete training
Is Optimal EFT simply distance healing?
Are the Optimal EFT results better than the tapping form of EFT?

0:06:21 Group healing experiment using Optimal EFT

We can get results when doing Optimal EFT for others.
Instructions given for the process. 

0:16:02  Results for the group healing experiment

Groin pain improved
Severe ankle pain disappeared.
Immobility in neck goes away.
Another person with neck immobility gets relief.
Hip pain resolves from 7 to 2 and Conversational EFT brought more relief.
Headache completely gone.

0:29:42  Opening the floor for more questions.

0:30:07  Group work on Valerie’s severe leg pain.  Got worse after group work.  More specific group works creates dramatic improvement.

0:38:46  In Conversational EFT, am I doing this surrogately?

0:39:54  Should we just drop the tapping form of EFT and do only Optimal EFT.

0:44:14  Do we need to imagine ourselves being the client or can we just imagine the client being in front of us?

0:48:35  How do I integrate reframing into Optimal EFT?

0:51:00  Group work for Howard’s Congestive Heart Failure (includes Optimal EFT for a surgeon’s fractured rib).

0:1:02:30  Can Optimal EFT be effective for injuries and serious diseases?

1:05:18  Comments on Optimal EFT and epilepsy.

1:06:37  First, an example of EFT in action.  Then, can Optimal EFT help with weight loss?

1:14:02  Can we use Optimal EFT in a surrogate manner without the client’s knowledge?  More on the permission. Exploring with Optimal EFT.

1:17:02  Does Optimal EFT involve client participation?

1:22:34  Why is Unseen Therapist depicted as female?

1:24:08  Regarding Optimal EFT and addictions.

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