Official EFT Webinar #18 - With Sheri Baker and Dr. Isabel Reis

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This lively and highly informative Webinar displays many impressive uses of the Optimal EFT process and addresses insightful questions.  Highlighted is Dr. Isabel Reis, from Melbourne, Australia, who discusses her extraordinary results.

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Topics of Interest

0:00:00  Gary discusses his current in-depth Optimal EFT Workshop.

0:00:38  Sheri Baker and Gary discuss a Summary of A Course In Miracles.  Includes a discussion of the Sun & its Rays metaphor.

0:18:07  Lenore notices sometimes clients are quiet and appear to be shifting. Is this a good time to interject Optimal EFT?  Also, what about mixing tapping with Optimal EFT.  Gary and Sheri respond.

0:22:37  Gary invites Dr. Isabel Reis to discuss some of her extraordinary experiences with Optimal EFT.  This includes the rapid vanishing of very broad, difficult to handle, issues such as panic attacks and anxiety.  Sheri contributes to the discussion.

0:42:07  Judy asks Isabel how much time does she take to bring Unseen Therapist into the issue.  Isabel responds.

0:46:53  Elizabeth ask questions pertaining to beginners and whether or not Isabel does distance healing.  Gary and Isabel respond.

0:52:41  Esther  comments on the possibilities of fear and doubt entering into the Optimal Process.  Gary responds.

0:55:07  Dorothea asks about her autistic son’s movements that appeared to represent total joy.

0:57:59  Sheri makes comments for Esther.

0:59:43  Mike points out useful comments from ACIM regarding the practice of therapy.  Gary responds.
1:01:31  Harper echoes the same experiences that Isabel discussed wherein Unseen Therapist appears to sometimes move the body during the healing process.  She also discusses her relief from asthma.  Gary responds.

1:07:36  Linda Carr and Gary discuss her previous cough.  Did it come back?  She also discusses her experience with movement during an Optimal EFT process … AND … her current blissful state and the freedom involved with that.  Gary responds.

1:21:48  Laurence brings up the topic of being at higher levels allowing us to clear darkness more easily.  She also brings up a case where Optimal EFT was able to get deeper results than the taping form.  Gary responds.

1:27:14  Howard  brings up 3 interesting points.  Gary responds.

1:30:25  Harper brings up the ACIM topic of holiness.  Gary responds.

1:35:56  Susun asks for clarification on Unseen Therapist knowing more than Gary will ever know.  Gary responds

1:37:43  Gary and Sheri sign off

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