Official EFT Webinar #17 - With Sheri Baker, Patsy and Kolua

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Here is a wide diversity of topics and questions.  Among them, Patsy discusses her high level of Peace as a result of doing Optimal EFT for Crohn's disease.  Also, Kolua talks about her successes using the Marcia series of videos.

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Topics of Interest

0:00:00  Gary discusses EFT’s use with money and finances.

0:4:33:20  Sheri and Gary discuss the current terrorist situation in France and the perspective on it from A Course In Miracles.  “seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.” and ACIM’s aim to “remove the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence.”

0:16:25  Patsy and Gary discuss their Optimal EFT session in Hawaii regarding her relief from Crohn’s disease.  She discusses seeing her symptoms as a barometer as well as feeling an impressive level of “Peace” after the session.

0:29:31  Kolua and Gary discuss Kolua’s impressive experience with the recorded Optimal EFT Marcia sessions on our website.  Adrenal fatigue and blurriness in her eyes improved.  Important discussion emerged regarding why symptoms sometimes come back.

0:36:49  Jay asks questions about Specific Events and how to find which events are underlying a given problem.  Gary and Patsy give their inputs.

0:45:56  Leeza and Patsy discuss how more Optimal EFT practice makes it easier to get to the bliss state.  Gary comments too.

0:49:06  Taye offers this question that may help us get to our issues and Specific Events, “What in this moment am I not willing to share?”  Gary is enthused about the question and comments.

0:50:18  Kolua asks Patsy about her list of Optimal EFT points.  Patsy responds.

0:52:30  Nerea and Gary discuss heredity and other issues that may (or may not) be causes of  physical issues.

0:55:36  Maryse talks about feeling conflicted during the Optimal EFT process.  Gary misjudges the question until Leeza and Sheri make the point that Maryse may be getting very close to the truth (enlightenment).  Important discussion.

1:01:36  Rahman introduces a discussion on visualizations, positive statements, etc. and their limited use within EFT.  Gary responds.

1:08:52  Karine makes suggestions about to how to see things.  Gary responds.

1:12:36  Howard introduces an important topic regarding how the Unseen Therapist sometimes works indirectly in impressive ways.

1:16:56  Diane introduces the important topic … Is the ego our enemy?  Gary and Sheri respond.

1:23:42  Howard talks about ways to progress and how he has been gaining consistent peace of mind.

1:26:53  Mike offers an A Course In Miracles concept that, “the ego always speaks first and it is always wrong.”  Lively discussion follows.

1:28:41  Karine discusses other ways of looking at the ego.  Gary and Sheri respond.

1:35:01  Rahman asks about vibrations and the Law of Attraction.  Gary and Sheri respond.

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