Official EFT Webinar #16 - Helen Bressler's Multiple Sclerosis recovery

Hi Everyone,

Sheri Baker, Gabrielle Rutten, MD, Gary Craig and others comment on and learn from this fascinating case. lease consult physicians on all physical issues.

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-hugs, Gary

Topics of Interest

0:00:00 Intro to Sheri Baker, an in-depth student of A Course In Miracles.  She discusses the Course in General and lays down a beginning intro.

0:13:27 Intro to Helen Bressler who, over 20 years ago, used some of the principles of Optimal EFT to overcome Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  She describes her spiritual experiences and how asking Unseen Therapist (in her case, Jesus) for assistance.  Fascinating story and discussion.

0:32:27 Gabrielle Rutten, MD is doing work with MS patients and has questions of Helen.  Gary and Sheri also join in on a lively, informative exchange.

0:53:35  Dr. Isabel Reis discusses her methods for MS and her successes with Optimal EFT.  Gary, Helen and Sheri offer their thoughts.

1:04:49 Dorothea describes her way of inviting resolution.  Gary adds his comments.  She also asks about Surrogate work for others.  Gary responds.

1:12:53 Taye discusses her successful use Surrogate use of Optimal EFT for her son’s anxiety and sleep problems.  Note: her video did not show but her voice comes through fine.

1:18:35 Gabrielle, Sheri and Gary discuss different editions/revisions of A Course In Miracles.

1:22:49 Sheryl suggests some reading.

1:27:56 Dorothea discusses a model she uses for healing.

1:29:29 Irwin suggests using the audio version of A Course In Miracles and asks a question about “being all one.”  Does it mean our individual identities are gone?  Gary and Sheri comment.

1:37:08 Rahman Kahn asks about creating metaphors during the Optimal EFT process.  Gary responds and a discussion on the value of practicing follows.  He also asks about the book series “Conversations with God”  Sheri responds.

1:44:24 Diane asks about Optimal EFT for her ailments.  Gary responds.

1:49:14 Henk used the Marcia videos and got good results.  He asks Gary about the possibilities of even greater results (since there is no time in the spiritual dimension) ask more and more people access those videos.  Gary responds.