Official EFT Webinar #15 - Optimal EFT for disasters and for dreams. An MD shares her experiences.

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This Webinar gives perspective on the use of Optimal EFT for shootings and other disasters as well as in-depth exploration of Irwin Friedman's use of it to reduce the impact of his dreams.  Gabrielle Rutten, MD also explores a fascinating result.  Please take responsibility for your use of these procedures.

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

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Topics of Interest

0:00:00Gary asks for feedback from those who have used the Optimal EFT for Marcia series on our blog.  Jay and Susun respond. 

0:10:47Susun and Gary discuss the recent shootings in Oregon and the larger picture of the disasters that frequently show up in the world.  Proper perspective is brought up and group Optimal EFT work is initiated for the whole audience so that everyone benefits.  Susun also describes how Optimal EFT reduced her overall anxiety level from a 10 to a 2.

0:26:42 Linda Carr comments on her loving experience during the above exercise and comments on the Marcia series.  Gary discusses how her ability to go into the loving state has greatly improved over the few months she has been practicing. 

0:35:42Irwin and Gary discuss at length a session they had regarding Irwin’s dreams.  Major improvements here and an important discussion on using dreams to discover and relieve intense, perhaps even hidden, issues.

0:52:11Claudia has technical questions about dreams and, because we are just beginning with the dreams idea, Gary recommends she make inquiries via email to Gary outside the Webinar.

0:54:42Sheryl relates a useful story regarding fear, dreams and a wolf.

1:00:38Shelley discusses a fearful reaction as Claudia discussed her issues.

1:03:39Amber asks about Surrogate and Optimal EFT wherein I become the other person.  We discussed different ways to do this and consider them choices.

1:07:51Dorothea asks about the ethics of doing EFT surrogately.  Gary responds.

1:10:28Gabrielle Rutten, MD from The Netherlands discusses with Gary her lengthy history of successfully using EFT in her medical practice AND a very useful recent anger case wherein Optimal EFT produced results she had never seen before.  VERY USEFUL discussion.  Steve interjects with a question.

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