Official EFT Webinar #14 - Groups, Going Deeper, General Discussions

Hi Everyone,

This webinar explores the use of Optimal EFT Practice Groups and includes an important exercise for going deeper into the loving state during the process.  In addition, questions are answered.  Please take responsibility for your use of these procedures.

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-hugs, Gary

Topics of Interest

0:00:00   Isabel gives an update regarding her use of Optimal EFT to help her 80 year old mother almost completely recover from a serious stroke.  After a few months, the recovery is holding nicely.  Isabel also discusses her ability to get into a “bliss state” using Optimal EFT.  Finally, Isabel discusses some improvements for her father who is on kidney dialysis.

0:05:53Linda Carr gives an update on her “bliss” state.  She still goes in and out of it and has learned that that state is her real state … her natural state Linda and Gary discuss this important lesson in detail.

0:14:25 MaryPat, a nurse, comments on Isabel’s father’s kidney function and how doctors might be able to assess any improvements.

0:15:53 Discussion on uses of Optimal EFT to ward off insects, ants, etc. AND, it’s possible use to influence inanimate objects.

0:20:23Input from various people on how their Optimal EFT practice groups are working.  The discussion also includes inputs regarding the use of Optimal EFT to ward off insects, ants, etc.

0:39:16Important exercise designed to help us generate a deeper loving state for use in the Optimal EFT process.  Very useful.  Follow along with it yourself.

1:08:17This begins a question and answer session on the Optimal EFT process.

1:09:09Sheryl asks about getting into a quiet state for the Optimal EFT process when she is angry.  Gary gives his thoughts on this.

1:12:03Shelley asks if our Optimal EFT results can be affected by “unbelievers”(with whom she lives) that belittle the process.  She is also concerned that her asthma hasn’t faded yet.  Gary gives his thoughts.  Shelley also brings up spiritual experiences, including a delightful butterfly experience.

1:21:12Dorothea initiates a discussion about seeing issues in others and how those issues are really our issues projected outward.  Hard to see but important to do so.

1:24:23LeeZa  brings up a discussion regarding people that clear issues even before the session begins.

1:27:26Karine emphasizes LeeZa’s comments.  Gary discusses that both therapist and client have an opportunity to get healing relief.

1:29:42Liliane asks about dealing with a client who “already knows everything” and is not open to other ways of healing.

1:36:58  Linda Carr asks about trying Optimal EFT with atheists.  Gary responds.

1:41:00Nancy has suggestions for “getting into the heart.”

1:42:57MaryPat emphasizes the comments by LeeZa and Karine.  Gary and MaryPat the idea of “Therapeutic Presence” or, as Gary calls it, “The Pleasance of Your Presence.”

1:44:59Jade discusses intention within the Optimal EFT process.  Gary gives his views.

1:48:05Gary wraps up.