Official EFT Webinar #13 - Optimal EFT Group Session - Liz Hart from New Zealand

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This active Optimal EFT group asks Gary questions, shares their experiences and does a live example.  Please take responsibility for your use of these materials.

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

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Topics of Interest

0:00:00Intro.  Liz Hart discusses some features of the group and what they do.

0:01:46Diana discusses her results from the group. 

She fell into an exquisite experience. 
Gary discusses the importance of the “essence” exercise and emphasizes the need for practice. 
An important example is discussed wherein Optimal EFT is more efficient than the tapping form of EFT. 
Diana says, “To the bottom of my soul, I feel peaceful.”
Discussion on re-conditioning

0:14:29Deb discusses doing Optimal EFT within the group to see the essence of someone she doesn’t like.  We see mirrors of ourselves in everyone.  Reconditioning ourselves along the Oneness route.

0:19:57Elizabeth’s attitude about her hair changed from like to dislike.  The subtle effects that occur within Optimal EFT.  Group work can add to the effect.

0:24:28 Liz is becoming less judgmental about herself. She compares Optimal EFT with the tapping form of EFT … Optimal EFT is more elegant and softer.  Sometimes takes less time, requires fewer memories and Specific Events.  Group work appears to allow more of this.  It seems to accelerate the work.  Gary discusses a useful experiment for the group.

0:36:52  Cata emphasizes the advantages of a group and points out an example where Optimal EFT successfully aided a physically oriented therapy.  Gary comments.

0:42:46Murray discusses his expanded experience of happiness and joy. 

0:46:20 to 1:10:59From here to the end, the group does their own practical exercise and Gary makes some comments.  Gary had other commitments and had to cut his visit short.

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