Official EFT Webinar #12 - General questions and comments

Hi Everyone,

This webinar contains many insights about the Optimal EFT process including thoughts about Optimal EFT groups.  Please take responsibility for your use of these procedures.

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-hugs, Gary

Topics of Interest

0:00:00 Solid, in-depth discussion on running Optimal EFT groups.  Discussion with successful group leader Janet Deane from Ireland.

0:12:53 Opening the Webinar for questions and comments.

0:13:18 Janet Deane and Gary discuss Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, not getting in touch with one’s emotions, and Janet’s tendency to “interfere” with the process.

0:19:22 Dorothea often just identifies the issue and the intensity drops.  Unseen Therapist at work here.  We need time.  Unseen Therapist does not.  Sometimes Dorothea “wanders off” during an Optimal EFT session.  Gary discusses that.  Dorothea and Gary discuss the surrogate use of Optimal EFT.

0:27:16 Joni asks how to introduce Optimal EFT to clients who are already used to tapping.  Using Conversational EFT.  A discussion on how cognitive shifts (belief changes) show up within Optimal EFT.

0:35:36 Judy feels she needs to “do something” to bring in Unseen Therapist.  Useful discussion follows.

0:40:39 Linda discusses using Optimal EFT successfully for a great dane (dog) and a woman recovering from brain cancer.  Linda also feels “too responsible.”  She and Gary discuss that and delve into “the ultimate problem.” 

0:52:20Steve and Gary discuss books, such as Louise Hays’ “You Can Heal Your Life,” that list possible emotional causes for each physical ailments.  Further discussion on whether we need install positives.

1:01:11 Nancy  asks for guidance regarding her trust issues.  Gary gets into the details of her situation and how to use Optimal EFT most efficiently.  Good discussion here.  However, near the end Nancy’s audio system didn’t allow her to hear Gary and so Gary had to continue and finish without her feedback.

1:09:14 Gina suggests playing soft, meditative music to help get into a loving state.

1:10:23 Francoise discusses using Optimal EFT successfully on her daughter’s severe neck pain.  Her daughter now has complete flexibility and no referred pain down her arm.

1:13:50 Claudia shares her impressive use of Optimal EFT on a brain dead person.

1:20:30 Virginia discusses her use of Janet Deane’s suggestion to focus on the feelings.  Gary comments.

1:23:12 Darlene has questions about her own difficulties with the process.  Gary comments.  Discussions about loving ourselves and others and seeing the “essence” of people.

1:29:36 Gary signs off.

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