Official EFT Webinar #10 - Expanding our Essence

Hi Everyone,

In this Webinar, we aim Optimal EFT at the loving Essence of others and, because we are One, we gain benefits for ourselves.  Many insights here.  Please take responsibility for your use of these procedures. 

For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-hugs, Gary

Topics of Interest

0:00:00 Opening comments

Past webinars have laid groundwork
Two audiences
How to bring love into the process … share.
Group work provides benefits AND can bring up other issues to work on.
Adjustments to the True Healing foundational article.  Addresses impatience.
Optimal EFT does everything the tapping form does PLUS more efficiency, deeper, etc.

0:12:06  Introducing Claudia
0: 15:48  Gary and Claudia explore a new form of the Radiating Love Process.  Finding someone’s essence.  Group work involved.
0:53:12  Karine:  Comments and discussion about the Guard at the Gate in this process.
0:58:32  Beverly:  Selected husband but tuned into his physical pains rather than his essence.  Discussion … barrier?  Guard at the Gate?
1:01:55  Nancy:  Saw a “sun” in her loved one and a “sun” in herself.  Began to enter a strong spiritual experience.  Comments on the Guard at the Gate.
1:07:39  Pamela:  Saw parallels between Optimal EFT and a Buddhist meditation.
1:10:20  Virginia:  Selected her daughter and found no barriers to expanding her essence.  Discussion of what this meant and where to from here.
1:15:51  Pandora:  Her loved one turned into Jesus and she had an exceptional spiritual experience … somewhat parallel to that of Virginia above.  Discussion of what this meant and where to from here.
1:18:47  Geraldine:  Felt the loving essence in her heart.  Discussion of what this meant and where to from here.
1:21:56  Shelley:  Reports making great progress.  Discussion on improving even more.
1:23:53  Claudia:  Final comments and wrap-up

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