Official EFT Webinar #1

Hi Everyone,

In this video, people from all over the world gathered together to ask questions, enjoy group healing and share experiences.  For your convenience, the index below will help you find topics of interest.

e-hugs, Gary

Index of topics

0:00:00 Overview
     Brief history of EFT from the beginning to Optimal EFT.
     Hundreds of versions of EFT (or Tapping) are on the internet and no two are the same.
     What really is EFT?
     The Gold Standard EFT Tutorial was created to help solve the confusion.
     The swimming pool metaphor: Shallow end, deep end, and the ocean.
     The tapping form of EFT compared to the non-tapping (spiritual) form.

0:09:53 Discussion of a difficult case and a successful experiment with group work on Charlotte’s eye and her back of head pressure.

0:24:57  If we run into an emotional difficulty during Optimal EFT, should we revert to mechanical tapping?

0:29:01  How do we handle issues that are ongoing rather than being static memories from the past?

0:32:49  Do we need to drink water during the EFT process?

0:37:02  Question on how we become someone else?  Are issues are all the same.

0:43:13  Successful Optimal use for self confidence and eye healing.

0:51:24  Enlightenment question is asked that leads to a discussion on True Forgiveness.

0:53:45  How do you (Gary) enter a loving state?

0:56:27  Comments on our resistance and The Unseen Therapist’s goals.

0:57:54  Can we change any situation with EFT?  Leads to a discussion on the avoidance of possible manipulation.

0:59:41  Have you (Gary) done past life regression with EFT?

1:01:32  Have you (Gary) had any clients with schizophrenia?

1:02:52  Comments on The Guard at the Gate and The Unseen Therapist.

1:04:31  Successful group work on James’ stuttering and heart racing.  Useful comments interspersed.

1:15:45  Is Optimal EFT limited to those you (Gary) are dealing with (in your presence)?

1:17:19  Partially successful group Optimal EFT work on Michelle’s eye cancer symptoms.

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