Linda Carr reports emotional bliss after Optimal EFT and our Webinars

Hi Everyone,

Linda Carr had a long term severe cough that, after participating in our Webinars, has subsided to minimal levels.  More importantly, she reports a blissful feeling that has stayed with her for days.  She says, "...when I'm really on the bliss roll I am oblivious to regular eating...I need/want less sleep...all my senses are heightened, big time. I walk along feeling the breeze on my face and it feels rapturous."  This, I suggest, is The Unseen Therapist at work.

Will this result be permanent?  Will Linda now be in a perpetual state of bliss?  Time will tell, of course, but the likelihood is that The Guard at the Gate will find a way to intrude on this.  If so, Linda is still left with the indelible understanding of what is possible and now has a launching pad for further travels down Bliss Boulevard.

Here is the relevant portion of Linda's note to me.  Below that is lher subsequent emails to me evidencing the ongoing nature of her state of bliss ... or "bliss capsule" as she calls it.

e-hugs, Gary

Dear Gary,

....We'll talk about this in person on Friday, but the cough has been 1-2 today...very quiet this morning...and emotionally I have felt blissful since our meeting yesterday. Again, like the first live webinar I did, I felt altered emotionally and energetically ... just fantastic. Bliss is the right word. I could also say peaceful, calm, content, grateful, more aware of beauty ... that is bliss. I THANK YOU SO MUCH, GARY.We'll see how this continues to unfold. I look forward to talking with you and I really look forward to Saturday's webinar.

By the way, I started reading A Course in Miracles...

See you Saturday, talk w/you Friday...keep changing the world, Gary.

Linda Carr

Follow up email #1

Hi, Gary,

My "bliss capsule" has stayed around me and I continue to feel amazingly excellent. I have also had intermittent cranky periods. It'is not always, but often, when a person, place or thing outside me triggers something inside me. Then I say, "We're all one." I am confused on this paradigm...I'll say more on that, but here is what is so awesome...

As you know for a number of years I have been greatly challenged emotionally and frozen in my life. I was terrified that me and my life would never "get happy" again. Through my exposure to your webinars and frequent daily use of the Unseen Therapist for myself and others I am "getting happy" again. As I've said to you and on the last webinar, I feel encapsulated in bliss. AND these last 4 days since the webinar I have also had these cranky periods...anger, impatience, frustration...I am finding my way back to bliss every time. I use my practice frequently and I keep watching the webinar replays. It really "blisses" me up.

Something I have not yet told you...when I'm really on the bliss roll I am oblivious to regular eating...I need/want less sleep...all my senses are heightened, big time. I walk along feeling the breeze on my face and it feels rapturous. The summer smells are intoxicating, the blue of the sky...then I look at the clock and it's like 4 hours later than the last time I looked. I feel this seamless flow, even on days when I have appointments all time related details are a flow. It feels amazing.

My cough is infrequent, going from 0-2. This feels feels gone, even though I still cough a's going all the way, I know it.

Another thing I feel is," gee whiz, who am I becoming now?" I feel different, fabulous and dare I say, I feel absolutely beautiful a lot of the time. I feel myself changing a lot...AND I have returned to a sport I love but have not been doing as a result of feeling so disempowered these last year... sprinting 100's at the track...I'm so grateful to be doing this again.

Okay, Gary...I'm off for some sleep. I sure look forward to the meeting Saturday. And maybe we can connect on the phone soon. Normally, I might read over and edit this letter but I'm going to send it off to you. One more thing...over these amazing days of late...about 11 days now...I feel this state of awe. I may be driving...walking...just looking around at the beautiful summer day...and I am acutely aware of this might be like "i'm part of everything" feeling, no separation

Lot's more to experience and understand...this may be more of a ramble than an eloquently composed letter, but what the heck...

THANK YOU, GARY...see you soon.


Follow up letter #2

Morning, Gary,

I actually forgot to share something else. Two days ago I was running a couple errands. I was driving and I was feeling this need to kept surfacing, but I did not cry. I was asking myself what is up, what is going on? When it came to me it was very emotional...I was feeling love, from myself and Source. Again, I was awestruck...I know very little about love but I knew I was feeling loved. Then I all felt very beautiful. I could cry now...I feel the grace in this.

Yesterday I tracked all my experiences since I've been on the OEFT training. There is so much I really want to be aware of it and share with you and others, if appropriate. It has not been two weeks and it feels like much longer. I think I may also feel a little the old me is catching up with the new me. And it is such a huge contrast, isn't it, from where I was to where I am? I think sometimes I am feeling a little resistance. Would the resistance be my Guard at the Gate

BIG HUG for you...


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