Relationship improvement: The couple who used to fight all the time

Hi Everyone,

Kay Christopher is a seasoned EFT'er who is expanding her skills with Optimal EFT.  She was having lunch with a married couple who were constantly fighting and, without even knowing the details, Kay engaged them in an Optimal EFT sessions on these conflicts.  The clients, of course, knew the issues...but Kay did not.  The result astonished Kay and so she wrote me with this follow up. 

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

Regarding the couple I told you about that I did Optimal EFT with (both people at the same time on a shared issue), I have followed up twice.

Two days after we did O-EFT the woman said it was fine if I knew what the targeted issue was. It was that they fight all the time. She reported that, since the time we did O-EFT. the fighting had stopped. And, there were other improvements, as well.

Whereas in the past the man kept bugging her about eating cheddar cheese (which she doesn’t eat) the next time he went to the grocery store he brought a different kind of cheese that she would like. That was new behavior.

I spoke with her again on the 9th day after O-EFT and she said, “He and I are doing very well since the Optimal EFT session. Amazing. He is a different person and I am, too.” They are still getting along really well, and it feels very different to her, a great improvement. Pretty wonderful! Thanks for encouraging me to try O-EFT!!

Kay Christopher

PS from Gary:  The issues that can arise between couples are seemingly endless.  Thus new issues may arise in the future and these become opportunities for The Unseen Therapist to further beautify the relationship.