34 events collapse in one session using Optimal EFT.

Hi Everyone, 

"Kathy" (true name withheld for privacy reasons) tried Optimal EFT successfully on 3 events.  Interestingly, this effort served to collapse 31 others.  While, so far, this hasn't happened for everyone, it was a nice "side benefit."   She also asks important questions at the end of her letter.

e-hugs, Gary

Dear Gary,

It is with great interest that I have followed all your webinars until now. As you keep asking for feedback I thought I might do just that.

While reading Lesson 3: A basic emotional issue I wondered whether it would work with the Personal Peace Procedure.  So I started making a list. I had 34 minor events which still triggered some emotional reaction (less than 5 on a 0-10 scale). I worked on three of them with optimal EFT.  This worked just fine.

Only three days later did I find time to continue with my list.  And to my amazement I noticed that every single one of the 31 remaining items on my list was resolved.  I learned from you to test thoroughly and that is what I did.  No emotional reaction whatsoever remained.  Not even for a particularly gruesome accident which I didn't seem to be able to get to 0.  I tested my list again after a few weeks and it remains completely resolved.  And I tested by magnifying all the possible details, so very extensively.

  As you urge not to give up and keep on practising the basics, that's exactly what I've been doing.  As I don't know how to start for myself, I started for the people I live with.  I must say that The Unseen Therapist works miracles.

The very first time I tried it for a person with sciatica.  This was really a big success which only took about five minutes.  She went from an 8 to 4 to 0 in a jiffy   Someone who often has pain from gout.did not have any improvement on the spot.but the next morning it was 0.  This was also great because that person started with a 9.  it also worked fine for a severe headache, a belly ache and an infected ureter.


As I can't find any more emotional issues which could be underlying my paralysis, should I work on individual symptoms like for instance "my hands, my arms are paralysed" or "I am completely paralysed"?  [GC COMMENT:: Aiming at symptoms might give you some relief but it would likely be temporary.  In Optimal EFT terms, the ultimate cause of ALL our issues is our belief in separation.  See True Healing.  Resolving this is our ultimate goal and, hopefully, methods to help your paralysis will arise as we continue our exploration.]

Do you think I could get results just by doing optimal EFT for "other" people and thus Borrowing Benefits?  [GC COMMENT:  At this early stage of Optimal EFT, this approach appears to hold solid promise. Many people are reporting major results from "entering the Oneness" and Borrowing Benefits as they effort at healing others (and thus themselves).  It's not perfect yet and some people get little or no results.  But the core principles are worth pursuing.]

Wishing you peace and all good,