A "sit in my lap" Optimal EFT session does wonders for 4 year old Jules.

Hi Everyone,

Here's a touching story from Francoise Vache (of France), the grandmother of this young boy.  After the Optimal EFT session she says, "And the result was amazing! The whole day was a real peaceful time:"  

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

A brief story about my grandson, Jules, who is 4 and a half and has been “under EFT” since he was born. It worked wonderfully of course and any problem he had (pain, flue, wound, bronchitis, tantrum because he didn’t get what he wanted…) I have used EFT and just 2 or 3 rounds on me when he is angry, all is gone and replaced by a beautiful smile!

But as he is opposing more repeatedly, for being dressed up, eating pasta instead of rice, watching TGV train films for too long, I had the idea the other day (I was taking care of him) when he would wake up to open the day with Optimal EFT. I was finishing my yoga/meditation when he arrived and sat on my lap and I started “radiating love” from my heart towards him and inviting the luminous Unseen Therapist for a few minutes…

And the result was amazing! The whole day was a real peaceful time: “The apple after breakfast…OK , to dress up to go shopping…OK, If I refused him to watch a video at the moment…OK, To eat the rice I prepared instead of pastas…OK, Even at the toy-shop where we were supposed to choose a small tractor (he is a tractor and train collector…) he said as usual “ I’d like the big one” and I replied gently we hadn’t planned this, and he agreed peacefully to take the small one… Before he would have cried and shouted if things weren’t going the way he wanted most of the time. 

Back to his parent’s house. I told his mother the wonderful time we had thanks to Optimal EFT (This is my view!) and as it was back-to-school eve, they spend time preparing it discussing with TappyBear too because he was scared of going back to school…writing, learning new things…and he went to sleep very peacefully. I don't know if it will last but I think it will in one way or other, and it will heal the world! 

Regards from France, Francoise