Optimal EFT on a subway, for bugs, for foot pain, while sleeping and more

Hi Everyone,

Gratitude to Joan Johnson for her 5 part article wherein she displays impressive uses for Optimal EFT.  She says, "Sharing it all with you, Gary, I try not to exaggerate nor diminish what has happened while doing Optimal EFT."

e-hugs, Gary

As far as the Optimal EFT results are concerned I am going to tell you about some of my experiences:

1. After one of your webinars I did an experiment with bugs in my bathroom. Every second night I could see in my bathroom very tiny white bugs. They were there for the past three years (since I moved here). I decided to try to make an agreement with them (as you did). First, I accepted them, than I loved them and after that I did Optimal EFT on them asking God for helping them and healing all their fears. It was the last time I saw them. It was about two or three months ago. What is more interesting for me - as soon as I realized they are gone I started to miss them and I have been missing them since that time.

2. Recently, I did a radiating love exercises while taking a subway. It took about 10 minutes I just closed my eyes and radiated love to everybody in a train. When I left the subway my sister called me and asked me: "Joanna, did you maybe release your meditation on me because for the last 10 minutes I felt an incredible sense of peace, much dipper and different I normally feel." It probably worked on her too.

3.  I have two little children - 4 years old and 15 months old. I do Optimal EFT on them daily. Optimal EFT works every time. Two days ago, my older baby was very angry, so I asked her: "Maybe I could help you to release the anger with this wonderful method?" I did 40 seconds of Optimal EFT in the midst of morning rush, I asked her: "How is it now," she answered: "Oh, mum it is better but the sadness jumped into my heart. Could you do it one more time." So I did another 30 seconds and she stated that there was still some sadness in her heart. I did another round and asked her how is she feeling right now. She said surprised: "But why do ask mummy? I feel wonderful." It seemed like she has already forgotten about the whole case.

Yesterday we were going back home from a preschool.  She had some pain in her foot and was tense and crying. I asked her: "Please, let me see what is wrong with your foot." And she answered: "No mum, just do this method on me. I do not want anything else." So I stopped, closed my eyes and did 30 seconds of Optimal EFT. It worked. She said she does not feel pain anymore and she became happy.

4. I also tried to use Optimal EFT on somebody else while running. A women had a strong foot pain, she called me and asked me for help. I was running with a stroller with my younger baby inside. I could not stop because my baby would have woken up, so I did Optimal EFT while running. It diminished the foot pain to some extent but I could not relax enough for The Unseen Therapist to work through me.

5. Another very unusual thing happened to me while sleeping. I dreamt that I was doing Optimal EFT on others and that I radiated Love for them. I woke up a little bit scared because I felt something strange in my body. As it turned out The Unseen Therapist/This Energy was in my body already. I was in this wonderful united state I knew from my earlier experiences. This Energy filled my body and I lost a feeling of my human senses again. It was something extraordinary. Does it mean we are able to heal ourselves or others while sleeping?  GC COMMENT:  Why not?

8. When a healing is taking place within me I have a very strange feeling in my ears - the pressure is changing in them like during taking off an airplane. Thanks to that I know when healing is taking place. When I go for a walk with my children I often do Optimal EFT on animals: ducks, dogs, birds; every time the pressure is changing in my ears. I do not see any results in these animals but I can feel the healing in my body.

Sharing it all with you, Gary, I try not to exaggerate nor diminish what has happened while doing Optimal EFT. It is a little bit difficult for my mind and sometimes I have doubts if it is not only some kind of my projection. For my mind it is very unusual and unbelievable. For my heart and soul it is normal, it is what I am craving for.

Best Regards, Joan Johnson