Janet Deane starts an Optimal EFT group: "We all agree that it is astounding that by working with others, we clear our own events quicker than if we just worked on ourselves."

Hi Everyone,

We are still in the early stages of exploring Optimal EFT and already some OEFT groups are forming.  Janet Deane's group in Ireland is one of the first and she provides below some of the features, strengths and weakness of the group to date.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

We have been meeting as a group to practice Optimal EFT on a weekly basis since the start of the webinars.

  •  Group of 6 to date to practice our skills
  • We start with a list of 5 specific events written on a sheet , titles and intensities included.
  • We then take turns to work on 1 of our specific events. Mostly the details of the event is not discussed, but the feeling that is being felt physically/emotionally when thinking about the event is explored
  • The group then does Optimal EFT for that event
  • The group member then shares their experience and whether the event has improved or not
  • We repeat until that member can look at their event without any emotional/physical reaction
  • We then check the rest of the group’s specific events to see if they have changed
  • We then proceed to the next member
  • It has been discussed that if the group were bigger that everyone may not be able to get working on their own specific event and we will look at that if that occurs
  • Our meeting lasts for 2 hours and we include a social time and refreshments etc

Findings so far:

  • On the night everyone has been able to reduce an event to 0
  • Most, but not all, when they checked their own specific events, after working on someone else’s specific events, had a change in the intensity of some/all of their specific events after each member's go
  • On some occasions the benefits have held, but not all, some seem to have returned the following day although as we often don't discuss details of events, perhaps in some cases, new aspects may be involved.
  • 1 member found that a situation that normally would have been stressful was completely clear of any stress a few days later
  • 1 member remarked that after working on everyone else she got clarity on her own events and how there was a common thread that ran through all of them that she hadn’t seen before. (in her own words: As we discussed earlier, my 'finding' after the Optimal EFT session, was that - not only were my separate 'events' really connected by a common thread, but, as I worked optimally with others, the common thread became clearer to me. I had thought there were different emotions or pains attached to the 5 events, but discovered that the underlying feeling was the same. This allowed me to connect to that emotion/thought and to have a new and healing perspective on my own 'stuff'.)
  • On 1 occasion 1 member could not be present due to sore throat and sinus. The group did Optimal EFT for her in her absence and the intensity reduced from 6 to 2 then to 0 and feeling quite well apart from developing a runny nose. We told her we were doing Optimal EFT for her and communicated with her by text message during and after the process. This held the following day. We wondered if we hadn't told her in advance that we would be including her in the process, would her result have been the same or if her feeling connected (oneness) with us, enhanced her healing.
  • Some events we worked on had already been worked on but not cleared (numbers were still 10's), with Gold standard EFT. A member reported that Optimal EFT cleared these same events and commented that the events looked different when clearing, resulting in a new and healthy perspective on the events. For example, a member worked on an event in which her father was mistreated by a male nurse during a hospital stay. This caused physical pain to her father and a high level of distress to our member. After the event cleared, she reported seeing a whole new video of the event in her mind in which her dad was happy and the nurse was being cared for by the newly healed ward of patients because he (the nurse) was exhausted. The nurse was put to bed for a good sleep whilst the healed patients danced and sang around the ward.
  • One member has reported feeling low the day after the group sessions. She has some concerns as to the reason for this and would welcome feedback from others on this. She is prone to picking up random energies and although she cuts the energy after working on each person in the group, she feels it may not be clearing. She has other stress going on at present so feels it is possible that that is part of or all of the low feeling.
  • We all agree that it is astounding that by working with others, we clear our own events quicker than if we just worked on ourselves. We would like to discuss ways of working with the guard at the gate. If he was healed and got himself a new job, perhaps results would be even faster. Maybe not, just a thought.

Regards, Janet Deane

Note from Gary:  Here is an update two months later...


Just a quick note to let you know that we continue to meet on a weekly basis as a group to practice Optimal EFT with everyone getting a turn to be client and everyone having prepared 5 specific events. It is amazing how our specific events continually reduce even when working on others in the group. Everyone is commenting on how much they love the practice so I am reading from that a feeling of increased wellness generally also.