Janet Deane's Optimal EFT Experience: "In all the years doing EFT normally (i.e. tapping) I have never worked through that many specific events in 1 session."

Hi Everyone,

Janet Deane lives in Ireland and has been a tapper for many years.  She describes here yet another improvement with her use of Optimal EFT (the spiritual, non-tapping form of EFT).  After that she poses an interesting question.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

I had a client on Skype last week.

I had met her at a retreat in England last year where we shared a room. She had some issues come up at the retreat and I offered to do some EFT (the tapping form) with her which we did. It ended up quite a long session, but worked really well and after that she went on to having a very good experience at the retreat.

During our skype session last week, I used the new Optimal EFT. I got her to give me 5 specific events and their intensities. We then worked through them. In all the years doing EFT normally (i.e. tapping) I have never worked through that many specific events in 1 session. I was amazed, and also surprised at how easy it seemed to be for her to let go of some pretty abusive memories and to move into forgiveness with the person. I would point out that she has been working on these memories for many years.

A question that arises is how you include your client in their healing. With normal (tapping) EFT my focus would have been very much on teaching them to be able to do EFT for themselves, which is what I loved about it, that people were empowered to help themselves.

So with Optimal EFT I am doing the process. I can teach them to bring Unseen Therapist in for themselves, but the power of Optimal EFT is in doing it for someone else, which of course I can also teach them. I was Just wondering if you have a protocol for this yet.  GC COMMENT:  Optimal EFT can be done solo (on oneself) and solid results can be obtained thereby.  This is the method contained in the Lessons on our Menu page..  Doing it with others, or in groups, brings forward the possibilitiy of even greater results.  Love is better shared than "going it alone."

Regards, Janet