Jacqui Halstead says, "magic happened" while doing the exercises on the recorded Webinar #10

Hi Everyone,

Many people have had first class experiences while participating in our numerous recorded Webinars.  Here is one of many examples.  Note that Jacqui says, "...and this beautiful expanding light bought me to floods of tears and literally to my knees."

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary

I've just paused your Webinar (number 10) which I'm listening to today, Monday. I've tried to get on line with you on Saturdays before and not been successful, so I listen in on Mondays now. 

I had to write this while it's fresh and clear in my mind. I'm still feeling my intense reaction so here I am with some feedback.

I did the exercise with you and Claudia, taking someone I love and expanding the light. Like you guys, to start with I had some barriers, that little voice/guard said, "Yeah okay I'II give you that he's okay but hey look at this you'd forgotten about, and you know how hot you are on balance in all matters."

I have to smile at your analogy 'Guard at the Gate'.  He's a clever persistent guard showing me one of my beliefs 

Next we tapped on the barriers to fully experiencing the essence..... Here's where the magic happened for me, barriers fell away and the light expanded around this lovely person. I saw him driving, running, playing with his daughter, talking etc... I wasn't trying to see him in these different scenarios they just reeled off like the intro to a film and this beautiful expanding light bought me to floods of tears and literally to my knees. I had an extremely emotional reaction.  It was intense and wonderful too.

Well that's it. I'm going to take time out to try it with others and see what the 'Guard at the Gate' has to say about that?  ! Can't wait. 

Okay back to your Webinar.

Warmest wishes