Naturopath adds The Unseen Therapist to her already successful practice for even more impressive results

Hi Everyone,

Dr. Isabel Reis from Melbourne, Australia takes us through a number of her successful Optimal EFT successes.  They include trauma, drugs, alcohol, tranquility instead of strong emotions, suicidal tendencies, lifting a man off a bed with two fingers, blocked sinuses, twisted stomach and middle ear infection.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

The last two weeks have been an very interesting - I am seeing around 7-8 patients a day and have been channeling The Unseen Therapist to almost all of them and observing changes in the chronic patients and miraculous changes in others and am still puzzled at how it all works.

I normally do Core healing (my term) where I connect to Source and step away and allow the energy flows of my body to merge with those of the patient and the healing is out of my hands as I just hold the flow. Since the Unseen Therapist, I have connected and directed my Intent towards this energy (i know it is all the same but it felt as if I was connecting to a different aspect of Source) the workings and intensity of the Work has changed.

When I hold the patient's head and invite in the Unseen Therapist, She starts moving their heads to and fro (some at a very fast pace ... I can hardly keep up) and then the Energy can actually be seen like waves moving down the body - that releases almost 90% of all pain but I also put my hands on the site of pain. The jaw bones move and I feel as if She (The Unseen Therapist) is twisting the patient's head right around.  But when I open my eyes I see the patient's head moved to the far right or left. At times She holds the head for a very long time and I feel tiny pulses moving until She is ready and I cannot move the head back until She is ready.

Almost without fail most patients fall in a deep sleep and when they wake up they feel loose, relaxed and very tired (in a good way) but totally out of their bodies - strong emotion leaves and in its place a sense of tranquility is felt.

I have had patients giggle uncontrollably, my patient yesterday laughed out loud for almost 15 minutes. (we were working on the 13 year old coming to terms losing his dad which caused him to then turned to drugs, alcohol and nicotine addiction and tried to commit suicide earlier this year at age 48).. I have seen him for three months now and used The Unseen Therapist in our sessions in the last three weeks and he is totally at peace and his bipolar episodes (he is on medication for it but had huge episodes despite it) has totally stabilised (I only use the channeling on the head and brain when working on addictions) and use, of course, specific events with Optimal EFT in a talk therapy/mechanical way as well. 

He is totally drug free and we are now working on letting go of cigarettes. 

The best result I have had is with my own son , who after a suicide attempt just a little over a month ago experienced deep psychic pain but did not want to use medication . A four hour long telephone session and a few more after that seems to have brought him peace and stability for the first time ever that I can remember. We have some low days but I use Her (The Unseen Therapist) while he speaks and by the end of the conversation I sense a letting go and lightening up . He came home two days ago and we all feel the change in him.

I have had a very interesting experience last Saturday where I saw a 130kg man being lifted off the bed, his legs pushed to one side (almost like a chiropractic session) while I just lightly held the body at two points - he told me afterwards he feels like an unwound pretzel and all his still muscles and neck was loose and pain free. 

One of the most touching experiences has been with a lady named Lynne (not real name) who is 65 years old and came to me with chronic sinusitis (after 6 operations) osteoporosis, middle ear infections and gastric inflammations. I did normal Naturopathy with her but after three sessions (with good results but not what I really wanted) I introduced her to EFT (the Gold Standard) and we started working on a scene where she is 8 years old and brings a brilliant report card back to her mother (a+) and her mother throws it on the table and told she could do better and stomps off - she has tried to please her (and everyone else and a very abusive husband) her whole life , looking for the never gotten approval and love , even when her mother was dying she was still trying to get acknowledgement and brought her food every day to have it thrown in the bin with no gratitude , only criticism.

Our first two sessions brought good results and she started saying No to people around her and stopped feeling guilty about it but the last two sessions I only did Optimal EFT and we had the most amazing experience where I brought in a huge African choir (in the imagination) to sing her praises as she presents the report card - the best was that I was guided to tell her that she did brilliantly and that Source wanted her to know that she passed her life test brilliantly since she came here to be her mother's teacher and she needed to be the daughter who played the role of the faithful daughter and did what daughters would normally do despite how her mother treated her (she felt like a coward and weak for never having stood up to her mother). 

It was her mother who was given the choice to accept love and gratitude and she chose not to but that had nothing to do with Lynne. This brought floods of tears and relief, sinuses unblocked, stomach untwisted and her ears cleared. I will see her again next week and let you know what happens. She said I could let you know what happened to her but I can tell you she is a totally different person now - confident, happy and owing her own power without any ego.

Gary I can go on and on - everyday every patient is touched in one way or another by this amazing power and peace trickles into their lives - some come back with little change but a huge awareness , others are affected profoundly , others get lifted off beds and in all of that I get to be part of in this profound process.

I have almost completed The Marcia Series and have had my own experience in all of that which is profound and I get chiropractic treatments while driving so I am overflowing with the Miracle that is The Unseen Therapist - Thank you for bringing Her into my life.

Blessings and light, Isabel