Joanna uses Optimal EFT for "healing while running"

Hi Everyone,

This brief article (with follow-up) provides an interesting use for our process.

e-Hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

Today I was listening to one of the Sessions with Marcia while jogging. I experienced a healing of two 'big' memories which I picked up earlier. Before I started running I had asked God/The Unseen Therapist to heal these memories in a way that is best for me, I asked for insight, knowledge, understanding and changing my attitude. I got all of that..., while running:). 

What a wonderful way to heal! No need to use hands, no need to tap, no need to say anything out loud. Thank You Gary!



Today, after about 24 hours from the "healing while running" experience, I tested these two memories. I imagined them in a vivid and exaggerated way and they both had a '3' intensity. A few hours later I went for a walk and again was listening to another session with Marcia (#5). I did the same thing as a day before - I asked The Unseen Therapist for a healing and stayed very open and willing to let go of any negative emotions. I checked these memories again about seven hours later and the intensity was and still is at '0'. The emotion from these memories was anger.