Liz Hart gives the details of her successful Optimal EFT practice group

Hi Everyone,

Many Optimal EFT practice groups are underway and, from them, many solid results have been reported.  Liz Hart leads one of them and shares the ins and outs so that others may learn from them.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

Following our discussion a few weeks ago, I have formed an Optimal EFT practice group in New Zealand. How we do it is we have a group of about 5 people who meet in person and another group of about 5 who Skype in from around the country to join us. We also have a practitioner in Australia who is keen to join us too. Usually we have 6-8 together at any one meeting.

We meet weekly for 90 minutes on a regular basis, and for now everyone is very familiar with EFT.  We did also make an agreement that we would watch and keep up to date with your webinars so we could use the latest information without anyone having to catch the others up using valuable practice time.

This number of participants seems to work well and I think if more were interested it would be better to have several smaller groups working together to keep it personal and to speed the discussion process. The groups could meet at the same time in different locations and link as groups via skype and include each other in the healing circle. 

We've used various exercises, and last session we used the expanding love exercise which was very much liked by the group. What we did was have the group spend a couple of minutes expanding their love towards a loved one, and then pause to share the limit we had noticed in ourself. I would ask some questions sometimes to help them find more specificity around that limit. Then the group would take a few minutes at the same time to do some individual tapping on their own limit.

We repeated this exercise a number or times noticing and tapping through boundaries. Everyone noticed a progression through their limits and a development in their ability to expand love further and further towards their chosen target. We finished with the exercise where we formed a circle and invited in our Guard at the Gate and loved ones and spread the love out to include everyone. 

Regarding the expanding our love to someone exercise (from webinar 10), I have been playing with doing that exercise with myself as the recipient of my expanding love only with the target of myself at younger ages. This has of course brought up unhealed issues and specific events with myself which are perfect targets for healing and as I understand it target directly the Guard at the Gate. I'm going to propose we try that as a group tonight and see how others find the exercise and will report on our experiences. 

Love and best wished to the Optimal EFT family.

Liz Hart NZ