Optimal EFT alleviates foot pain

Hi Everyone,

Note how Elizabeth Gelhard actually felt a brief foot pain as her client's pain was "washed away."

e-hugs, Gary

Hello Gary,

This is not a big wow story, but I believe it is important to help people find ways of alleviating pain.

I recently worked with someone who had a very painful foot that was making it difficult for her to stand and walk. We agreed this was probably caused because she was having difficulty 'putting her foot down' with an adult daughter who was living with her and making life uncomfortable.

We did some Optimal EFT during which I felt one stab in my foot, at which point her pain left her. She described having the feeling of the pain just washing away. I should point out I only had that one stab of pain. I was not left with her pain. That was about six weeks ago, the pain has not returned to her foot. She also found a way to speak up to the daughter who has since moved out.

GC COMMENT:  Elizabeth doesn't mention whether she aimed Optimal EFT at the pain in the foot or the emotional issue with the daughter.  Interestingly, it may not have mattered in this case.  The Unseen Therapist can sometimes go in either direction.  It all depends on the limits imposed on the process by the client and the therapist.  See What is True Healing?

As I mentioned earlier, in most cases I am using Optimal EFT alongside the tapping. It has taken a long time but, nowadays a lot of people have heard of EFT or have seen bits of it due to people like Paul McKenna on TV. What I have noticed is that immediately after using Optimal EFT there is usually a change in the client's eyes. A new light seems to come in. Does that make sense?  GC COMMENT:  Yes. I see this often.