Famous author resolves many ailments simply by doing the Lessons in A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

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Many of you have read David Hawkins' landmark book, Power vs. Force.  What you may not know is that he was an avid student of A Course In Miracles and used the ACIM Workbook Lessons to overcome many severe issues.  Irwin Friedman offers a synopsis of David Hawkins' audio book that describes all this in detail.

Last I heard, the audio book could be purchased on www.audible.com

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Hi Gary,

I recently listened to an audio of a lecture by David Hawkins given about 1985 called, Giving Up Illness Through ACIM. The title intrigued me and I was surprised to find out that he had anything to do with ACIM. He had been a student of ACIM for 6 years at the time of the lecture. He claims that from doing the workbook, all his major physical symptoms went away within the year and the other two or three were resolved within 3 years. He had a long list and many were very severe.

At the beginning of his lecture he talked about a discovery he made. He worked with muscle testing, kinesiology, and to demonstrate, he had volunteers look at a fluorescent light, then hold a container of pesticides and finally hold a package of sweet and low (artificially sweetener). Each person's arm tested weak when these substances were introduced to the person. However he found out that when someone had completed somewhere between lesson 80-90 of the workbook, they stopped testing weak for these things. In fact, he said they had become immune.

First thing he noticed for himself was that after 90 days into the workbook, his depression went away.

He had always been severely allergic to poison ivy. However, he woke up one day, during the first year of doing the workbook, and knew that he the allergy was gone. He went out side and pulled up and potted several poison ivy plants. He played with them and had no reaction at all. The same happened with certain foods he couldn't eat previously and also he could now walk into a house that had been sprayed with pesticide, no reaction. He also woke up one day and knew he wasn't “allergic” to radioactivity either.

He told a remarkable story of how his vision was restored by changing his beliefs about eyesight and surrendering the condition to God. It is a longer story that I can relate at another time.

I believe it is somewhere in the course and the Bible that addresses this claim. Hawkins used this quote,“Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.” I am not sure if we can say that this phrase means that we can eat anything without harm.

He talked about how strong our beliefs are and the course helps one let go of these beliefs. The beliefs are from the whole society and are about every aspect of our lives including health care and healing. He claims to have been healed from a structural inner ear problem. He reiterated that there is no incurable condition.

Finally he said after experiencing all his healing, he realized that now when his body got sick, he didn't care because he knew that the body is an illusion and it is only here to help us communicate with each other on this plane.

He also commented that he was now on his 6th time doing the workbook.

After I heard all this, I decided to start the workbook over and do it as instructed. I was often not paying attention to my lessons and it felt like a half hearty job. I have a friend who uses muscle testing in his practice and he is going to test me for these toxic substances now and then again in 90 days and again in a year.

I heard David Hoffmeister, another teacher of ACIM, mentioned that he also became immune to toxic substances. He says he now eats whatever people bring him, McDonald’s or spoiled milk. He said he doesn't believe in nutrition!

Take care, Irwin