Françoise Vaché from France uses Optimal EFT to improve two relationship issues and one hip problem

Hi Everyone,

Françoise provides some clever uses, even though she is in the early stages of her Optimal EFT education.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary

I really want to tell you my deepest gratitude for all these webinars.  Here are some of my results from my early uses of Optimal EFT.

1. Relationship with my sister improves:: One year ago (yes it was to the day) I was attending your first Optimal EFT workshop in Foster City, California  where I had experienced a state of peace, love...I don't know if you remember but 2 or 3 weeks later I sent you an email asking you if living with my sister was a miracle? During the practice you asked us to write 5 things that bothered us before, and on the list was the relationship with my sister (she hadn't talked to me for 4 years and my feeling was that it was stupid) and 2 week later she sent me a message : "I'd like to see you again. I miss you!!!!" One year later we're still close to each other...

GC COMMENT: To an outside observer, this could be considered a coincidence.  And, perhaps, it was.  However, I have seen too many instances such as this to the coincidence label.  The Unseen Therapist creates the pathway for love wherever she can and, in this case, appears to have conceded.

2  Hip problem fades:  I have attended all the French webinars with you and Diane von der Weid, and the last 2 you did in English. I had chosen among the 5 items (not really specific events but one was my left hip which has been more and more painful for the last 2 months. It started when sitting cross-legged doing my yoga-meditation (a 3 stiffness on 0 to 10) and increased so that recently it even woke me up at night to a 5 or 6. I planned to see my doctor just for the diagnosis. (if it's arthritis or whatever) I did tapping of course. It worked but came back the next day. After the 1st webinar it went down to a 1 but went up again at night to a 3 or 4. After the last one (last saturday), nothing at night- a 0 - and very soft stiffness 0.5 or 1 sometimes. Interesting! And I think I'll do it again the next time with you and the group.

3.  Remote use of EFT results in improved response to a relationship breakup:  One of my daughter's friends I'm very close to (Claire is 40 and she has been using EFT since I started with it 9 years ago) called me last night and didn't feel well. I knew she had a recent relationship breakup (once more) and to make a long story short I asked her how she felt: Angry, I want to throw plates in his face..."

I offered to do optimal EFT for her.  She said, "I don't have time...I have to take a shower" "don't worry you don't need to talk to me... I will call you back in 10 minutes". And I did it and here is what she said:

"While you were doing it I had a feeling that my heart was going to let go due to the vibration I was feeling.  My breath was short, I felt like crying because I felt I couldn't hang on to the memory. Next was freedom, lighter in my head, no more thought about this man or the situation.  While these thoughts would show up with strength in my head, and impose themselves, it's like an invisible film that is repelling them now. And today : new thoughts were coming up, I can attract someone else, no worries, it belongs to the past, the event doesn't affect me any more like before. And I had some different thoughts about him: instead of anger I'm sure that when he'll manage to let go of his own emotions he'll feel better in his life! "

She called me tonight and she still feels great...She's surprised at how Optimal EFT is working so fast and so easily...I told her she has to find specific events when she told me she has always had a feeling of being abandoned.

Big thank you, Gary