Diabetes: Optimal EFT lowers fasting blood sugar levels from 120 to 98 mg/dl

Hi Everyone,

 Over a year ago Forrest Samnik's fasting blood sugar levels were  near the diabetic level at 135 mg/dl.  She tried many methods and got it down to 120 mg/dl. Still too high.  Then, after 5 minutes of Optimal EFT, it dropped to 110 mg/dl.  This was followed a few days later by another 5 minutes of Optimal EFT where the latest reading registered 98 mg/dl.  This, by most estimations, is at or near the normal range.  Please consult physicians on medical issues.

Here is her story...

e-hugs, Gary


Dear Gary,

I am in tears as I write this. You and I have spoken a couple of times back in the EFT days. Since your retirement I have been on a profound personal and professional journey at a deep spiritual level. I know the peace of God. I know that all healing comes through God's love and I am humbled enough to be a conduit for this love and healing to a certain degree.

Until now, I did not have a process that I felt was pure. After EFT, I became certified in Matrix Reimprinting and The Body Code System and had, at times, profound results. I just, having read and watched the content on your website, cured my pancreas imbalance that was leading to moderately high blood sugar (fasting was around 120). This took less than 5 minutes and it feels like it is healed. I will test this with a glucometer tomorrow morning. [See SECOND LETTER below]

And though this is fantastic, and I'm over-the-moon ecstatic, the tears are coming more from now knowing I can help others come to know their true reality ... they are not separate and in love all things are healed. I will be taking this world wide. This is what my here-to-fore not understood vision of me speaking to huge audiences has been about. If you knew me, you would know that this kind of experience is WAY beyond how I have previously viewed who I am.

I have not been a part of the EFT world for awhile. I grew beyond it, but I feel like I've found a home again. I was led to led to explore Optimal EFT, though I was skeptical that it would be another tapping technique, and am grateful that I followed the gentle nudging. I feel like I've come full circle back to you.

With deep love and a grateful heart,


Hi Gary,

My fasting blood sugar was 110 which is an improvement but not where I want it (though my MD would be happy - HA!). What came up for me was there is a misalignment in the vertebra that innervates the pancreas. I will work on that today. My husband has restless leg from time-to-time, which he did last night. I tried on him but couldn't tame the ego mind. Clearly, I'm a work in progress. :-)

Thanks for the chat yesterday. I'm looking forward to the webinar on Saturday.



Hi Gary ... Happy Dance Time!

Blood sugar was 98 this morning! It hasn't been under 100 in several years. I'll try to call around 11 your time.