Paula Carey uses Optimal EFT to "make a deal" with earwigs.

Hi Everyone,

Paula "negotiated" with bothersome earwigs to leave her home and, instead, reside in her garden.  Fascinating!  Try this yourself on rodents, ants, and other pests.  Note: Some may consider this mere coincidence while others may see it as yet another useful Optimal EFT Tool.  You decide.

e-hugs, Gary

Hi Gary

Every summer, my house is visited by earwigs. They seem to live along outside walls and in drains and find their way into my house where they are not welcome. They are about the only insect I can not abide in my home. Every year I treat the outside and inside walls with a deterrent product but still they get in. They mainly come into my bedroom and into my bed and I can be heard screaming a mile away when I feel one crawling on me during the night.

This year, I decided NOT to treat my house and instead did optimal EFT for the earwigs and during the session I made peace with them and offered them alternative accommodation in two areas of my garden, well away from my house. Well, the earwig season has passed and I am delighted to report that although I saw earwigs in the garden, not a single one came near my house. I'm amazed and very thankful. Go earwigs!

Blessings to you Gary,


PS from Gary: